Monday, July 2, 2007

The Final Solution is the Burka

Cannot help but to evaluate your landscape? Make sure to consult your handbook of acceptable gestures.

The Red Star instructs:

"It's complicated," says Judith Szamosi, 27, a Toronto office worker. She started Hollaback Canada (, a site that invites women to post images or descriptions of men who have made them feel uncomfortable in public places.

Discreet glances are fine but anything more might be regarded as harassment, Szamosi says.

"People look at people they find attractive, it's normal. But letting them know, so they pay attention to the fact that you think they're sexy, that's not cool."

And it's not only whistles, comments or gestures – let alone flashing or touching – that's not okay.

"Being silent can be an attention-getter, if it's a certain look. We draw the line at any attention-getting behaviour," Szamosi says.

[..] Emily May, 26, and her friends were "all reporting three to five incidents of street harassment every day on average ... an epidemic.

"Everywhere you go, you hear comments (from men)," she says. "It speaks to the power dynamics between men and women."

May says 13- to 15-year-olds, especially, are "dumbfounded by the idea that all of a sudden they're being sexualized on the street."

Nor does it seem to matter whether it's winter and women are bundled up, or summer when they're more exposed, she says.

Besides, she insists, "women should be able to wear their underwear walking down the street and not be made uncomfortable."
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Elaine said...

I am at the age now, that I dress so it doesn't appear as if I just climbed out of a cardboard box. I have got to the point of "that will do." I would have to pay the construction workers to even give me a sideways glance.

I have worked with enough females to know how they act when they see a hunky guy come into their sites. Not politically correct, and it would have Howard Stern blushing if he heard the converstation.

In my younger days, I was hot...sizzling actually. (When you are older, you always tell yourself that).

Anyway, when a fellow looked at me..... appreciatively, I never took it as a threat, or thought of it as a reason to don a burka. I just thought, "I'm hot", and it made my day.

I think these sensible shoed, hairy lipped old femi-nazi's should just give it up.

Men are men, women are women. Celebrate the differences, don't set the genders up against each other.

libby van dyke said...

Women should be able to masturbate walking down the street and not be made uncomfortable. Let's talk about my vagina openly.

John Nicklin said...

I'd rather not, but thanks anyway.

eng said...

nice tits

Anonymous said...

Brain dead all day long. Underwear? This person's living in the land of Oz and I'd be willing to bet either a) has never had an appreciative glance from a man, or b) is a militant lesbian man-hater. Or, she's just plain crazy. But the PC crap is just getting worse and worse in the western world and it is about time it not only stopped, but reversed itself. Because political correctness isn't correct at all. It's madness.