Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dull is as dull does

London Free Press Editor-in-Chief Paul Berton defines "trivial" to his readers:

The story on the union thing was just plain dull. Yes, it's our duty to report it, but most people don't care enough to keep it alive.
Yes, well, the Free Press certainly did its dull bit by delaying reporting on "the union thing" for two months and finally killing its own interest in it with just one fatally misleading and trivializing puff piece. Mission accomplished, as far as Berton is concerned.

(Berton's comments can be found on his Editor's Blog by scrolling down to the post "Moore" and selecting "show comments.")

Update: Butch McClarty responds to Berton at Alt-London:
Say what? A story about the City of London doling out more than $44,000 of our money, unnecessarily and inappropriately, is "dull"? And why does he think Londoners don't want to know about it?

If that's the case and I don't believe Paul for a moment, why then did The London Free Press give front page coverage in 2002 to the story about a former City Manager (Jeff Malpass) getting paid $30,000 in overtime pay during the outside workers' strike in 2001, when management at city hall weren't to receive overtime pay?

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