Monday, July 16, 2007

Dennis Prager On Avi Lewis and Ayan Hirsi Ali

Today, talk show host Dennis Prager addressed Avi Lewis' shallow CBC interview of Ayan Hirsi Ali. (Prager MP3, Avi Lewis video).

"It gives you an idea of how much the left thinks in cliches, because he never actually responded to her, and he was stunned that a black woman would like America."

Prager promises to invite Avi Lewis onto his show. Oh, please, please, please...

Silence The CBC.


Edward Michael George said...

What about poor Steve Paikin?

Bruce Gottfred said...

I can't believe what an asshole that Avi Lewis is. I've been away from the Mother Corp for a long time, but I'm surprised it's got that bad.

Mike said...

Oops! Edward, I was puzzled by your comment, and was still puzzled after I reread the post a few times over the next days.

The grey men blend.

Thanks, I've corrected the title!

Edward Michael George said...

Thought as much! Though I'll admit that it took me some time to figure out what exactly was wrong with the title when I first read it myself.

In fairness though, Avi Lewis is a far far cry from Steve Paikin. In fact, I rather like SP.