Friday, July 6, 2007

A confrontation with reality deniers

On an outing with his family this past Canada Day weekend, Bruce of Autonomous Source is greeted by the decisive flag of intolerance. For the uneducated, I'm referring to the second from the top.

I asked them why they were flying the flag of a regime that had killed millions of people. They replied lamely that the Soviets were our allies in World War Two. Though it was less visible, they also were flying a Cuban flag, suggesting that the USSR's aid in defeating Nazi Germany was not what they were celebrating. I started getting angry. I reminded them of the mass starvations in the Ukraine and the gulags, and asked how anyone could proudly display a symbol of an empire that engaged in that kind of inhuman repression. They shrugged and said I was the first person to complain.

[..] What is amazing is that the three men on that barge own a local business, Kaffé 1870. They seem to have no problem with the fact that if they lived under the regimes they are so nostalgic for, they would have been shut down long ago.


jomama said...

Idiots abound.

I'm surprised the human race has
survived this long.

Elaine said...

The nerve of those glowtardian fascist over on the London Commons dissing the London Fog.

"If I wanted to be a part of a despotic site then I would have joined the London Fog years ago"-Jeff P. (lowest ranked glowtardian soldier)

Jeff, I don't think you could be a part of the London fog. There are at least three key elements you have to possess.

You would have to possess logic, we know that is never going happen.

Intelligence? I am talking about the real stuff, not the stuff you parrot from some glowtardian bible.

Reality, you have to deal in the reality of what is going on around you. You have to question. You have to look at the who, why, what, when and where.

You then take that and use your brain to come up with a logical conclusion.

Are you capable of that Jeff? I think not.Best you stay over at the London Commons, better known as Fantasy Island, to work towards destroying the economy, and bringing the evil capitalist to their knees.

P.S. I must say I am happy it is glowtardians like you Jeff, that make me realize we don't have much to worry about. From what I can gather from the London Commons, it would take you bing-bongs 7000 hours in meetings to decide your target, and who was going to plant the bomb.

MapMaster said...

despotic site…

That's quite funny from from a progressive "philosophy" student.

Fortunately, the London Fog doesn't have to trouble itself with governance dicta like "democratic," "consensus" or "collective" — because this site is a free market. Neither the front end (comments) nor the back (code and posts) are governed by anyone or anything in particular.

You raise a good point, Elaine: in the end, one of our best defenses against people who want to run our lives is that they have a hard time agreeing amongst themselves about just how to run our lives and who gets to do it.

Elaine said...

Maude Barlow of the Council of Canadians said she doesn’t doubt the Americans would try to pressure Canada into sharing its water in a time of crisis.

"I am absolutely convinced that the United States has already targeted Canada’s water, I’m absolutely convinced there are high-level conversations going on between some people in government and business in our country and the United States," she said.

Oh-oh, we have one of the head glowtardians calling her troops to war to fight the Americans for our water.

Mad Maude, are you not forgetting something...something you need to protect your country, its people and resources?

Poor Mad Maude, did you forget how the left dismantled our military? Remember how you were all saying we didn't need one, because Canada was a peace keeping nation. You know how we counted on the USA protecting us all these years, well guess what Maude....if they want our water, they will just take it.

Who you going to turn to? The thugs who sit around the UN will be looking at Canada like we were Thanksgiving dinner.

I would prefer to share with USA. We will owe them that for protecting us.

The lefty's good friends in the ME and China, wouldn't mind having our water or land mass.

Maude, who do you think we would have more of chance in hell of negotiating a peaceful deal with?

Honey Pot said...

if we can't combat "right-wing" (and I use that term loosely) view points on here, how are we ever to expect change in the world. how are we going to stand up to the masses that oppose us? In the revolution, are we just going to shoot right-wingers, or send them away on big boats? (careful!!) -Trev McNaughton London Commons


Should we come up with a plan to protect ourselves from the glowtardian tribes during their revolution.

Looks to me like they are doing an about face on everything. At first the glowtardians just abandoned the poor. It was fuck the poor, and then fuck the immigrants, and now it is fuck the gun registry. Looks to me they are gearing up for a war.

I wonder where they will be sending us on their big boats.

...shouldn't the glowtaridans be shutting their computers off today to help in lowering the earth's temp?

Fucking hypocrites, the whole lot of them.

mariposa said...

Ooh, I'm so scared.

They're wondering if they should shoot us??? But I thought they believed in gun control - meaning no guns for anyone?

And if they're going to send us on boats, I really want to go on a Mediterranean cruise if I have my choice.

Thanks for posting that honey pot, it gave me a laugh.

Mike said...

In fairness, Honey Pot, you're completely omitting the context of the quote. In context the commenter you link is reasonable and wasn't proposing that at all.

He was clearly extrapolating, from the moderator's unwillingness to tolerate dissent on a website context, into the context of organizing society and dealing with opposition to the Antiphobic People's Front or the Front for Popular Antiphobia or whatever.

Elaine said...

Mike, in all honesty, yes I was. I don't agree with Trevor on many things, but I admire the fact that he states his mind, and is standing up for freedom of speech.

I was doing what the left does. Taking a sentence out of context and twisting it to suit my purposes. I knew what Trevor was saying, and for that I want to tell him thank you.

I am now going to work at converting Trevor to London Foginess. He is too damn smart to be wasting his time amongst the London commons folk.

Come on Tervor, there is airconditioning and rides in big gas guzzlers on the right side of the moon.