Thursday, July 26, 2007

Carnival Of The Politically Correct

The Mayor of Mitchieville, Canada's only satirical website, has announced a marvelous midsummer carnival, The Carnival Of The Politically Correct:

We are a politically correct website with politically correct views and politically correct readers. We always say what is right and never cross the line with nasty comments or anything that borders on unsavoury. That's why we need this blasted carnival, to show the world what kind of upstanding, righteous and sheep-like people we really are.

...I am asking you something now, I'm asking you to submit a politically correct post to The Mayor before the cut off date of July 31. You can use an old piece, a new piece, a copied and pasted piece, a borrowed piece, a blue piece, but for the love of everything righteous, just submit a piece.

I encourage all you lurking, non-commenter perverts that have a blog to submit something. You deserve a break, come out of the blogging closet and do something good. No, do something GREAT.
By the Mitchieville-Fog Pact of 2004, readers and commenters on this blog are also to be considered readers and commenters on Mitchieville. Submit to Mitchieville!