Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bylaws have rights too

As reported in the London Free Press, councillor Nancy Branscombe has this to say on the city's legal battles, past and future, over concrete barriers between two parking lots on private property at Southdale and Wonderland Roads:

"The city had to defend its position or city bylaws wouldn't be worth the paper they're written on."
Without bothering to articulate any public interest in the city's position — the public having abided the barriers for several years now — what Branscombe means is that the city's bylaws are only worth defending the city's position.

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Elaine said...

Lovely, city hall has just announced another large waste of taxpayer money. Why they don't just casterate the male employees at city hall and make the females wear burka's is beyond me.

Estimated to cost $500,000 over four years, the training will be divided into two parts -- one about respect at work and the other about responding to woman abuse, family violence and sexual violence.-lfp
....we all know that number will triple.

Each of the city's 2,300 full-time staff will take part in the program, called Standing Together -- Employees Caring for Employees.

City staff have already received training on harassment, discrimination and a new code of conduct, now part of the orientation for new employees. -lfp
Let's see, that incident happened in 1999, seven years ago, not at work, but at the fuckwits home. Has anyone heard of another torture case down at city hall since then?

It has been said it is a prerequiste to be pond scum before you are hired at city hall, but surely after 7 years of training, they would get the message. I am glad the part-time workers are not party to being abusers.

I would think 7 years of training not to abuse your co-workers should have done the trick. I realize city staff are not the sharpest knives in the drawers, but come on.

The first human rights specialist hired in 2002 resigned in less than a year, citing interference by some senior managers.

The second specialist, Joyce Burpee, filed a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Commission against the city. She went on leave in 2005.

The city then hired retired Superior Court justice Jeffrey Flinn to review the human rights office at city hall.-lfp
What about the 2nd male human rights specialist they hired to keep an eye on the 1st human rights specialist after she fried cook? Is he still on the payroll? Is Burpee still on the payroll? Is Flinn still laughing all the way to the bank?


Independent investigators will be hired when necessary. -lfp

Oh look, city hall's staff unemployed relatives will be soon employeed.

"Just having one individual really wasn't enough," said Fielding.-lfp

You had more than one you fucking nimrod. You are taking the taxpayer to the cleaners.