Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Buy A Book At Masonville Chapters On Friday

There's a protest at Chapters Masonville on Friday! No, it's not about the effective book-selling monopoly given to these "capitalists" by Heritage Canada. It's not about the related issue of the kooky stock that assaults all who venture out of the science sections into history or politics, unleavened by a word of Hayek or von Mises.

It is, of course, all about the owners' support for everybody's least favourite free society in the Middle East.

If you're in London, be sure to come and buy a book at the Masonville Chapters during this time:

When: Friday, July 20, 2007 @ 7:00-8:00 p.m.
Where: In front of Chapters North on Fanshawe Park Road across from Masonville. Meet beside Jack Astor's at 6:50. A group of London citizens concerned about Israeli apartheid invites you to join us for an information picket to ask customers to boycott Chapters/Indigo and to send a clear message to majority shareholders Heather Reisman and Gerry Schwartz that their links to the HESEG Foundation for Lone Soldiers - which subsidizes mercenaries from abroad that want to serve in Israel's racist military - are unacceptable! We need your support to make sure that Reisman and Schwartz hear our message!
Be sure to let the protestors know that they've inspired your purchase. Share your bill's total on the way out, so they'll know how effective they've been as free advertising for an otherwise obnoxious company. Also share your suspicion that the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid is jointly funded by Chapters, CSIS, and the Mossad to encourage sympathy with a crappy monopoly.

In the meantime, the "Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid" has inspired me to send pizza to patrolling IDF troops. Mmmm!


Anonymous said...

Mabey this group can insist that they fly a flag too at our city hall. Tollerance?


i guess you are only against "big government" and "fascist" authority if it's forcing you to pay for poor people's health care eh? Not if it's a massive military machine occupying another's land, enforcing discriminatory laws against palestinians (but they're only muslims, right?) stealing water, and openly discussing ethnic cleansing.

cool! see you on friday!

actually i just thought of something. There was no arab power ranger. Could this be the cause of their congenitally violent ways? or is it a result of them?

Anonymous said...

No arab Power Rangers? I beg to differ.
The producers, sensitive to the feelings of the notorious surrender sand monkey market, had a few special episodes devoted to the Arab/Israeli conflict.

The insertion of "Flinchy" the hanky-headed wog into Power Ranger story lines was based on the glorious history of Arab conquests over the evil Jooooos.

Much like Poochy, the failed attempt to modernize the classic Itchy and Scratchy cat / mouse dichotomy, "Flinchy" was an abject failure.

Just to inspire the rabid faithful, I might venture out from my parent's basement and purchase the latest lofty tome by Jimmy Carter.

I'll then douse it in lighter fluid and see what happens after I strike the match.

The Green Power Ranger said...

i must have missed those episodes. Was this before or after the Native power ranger guest-starred? He was an interesting character. He used to own the Megazord, but was pushed into a special compartment in the toe by the rest of the team. They'd yell at him whenever he stuck his head out, for comic relief of course.

and if you want "glorious" histories of conquests over jews, you need look no further than russia, poland, germany, and so on (or Rome, i suppose). They had far more experience :).

Elaine said...

Those nasty sawed-off anti-semites are starting to irritate me. Cutting into my Friday night partying time, they are.

Mike are you going as "poppy boy"? I think I will go as Golda Meir, she was a kick ass kind of lady.

Does anyone know where I can get a large flag of Israel....cheap?

Anthony V, could you take a message to your terrorist supporting, Jew-hating friends who are complicit in the endeavor of the genocide of the Jews.

You tell them I said to bring it on.

eng said...

These would have to be bogus protesters. The real Muslims would be attending religious services on Friday.

Will they also be protesting that Reisman banned "Mein Kampf" from her stores?

Shovrim Shtika means "breaking the silence" said...

thanks elaine, i'll be sure to pass on the fact that all people opposed to the state of israel's militarism are anti-jewish to people like norman finklestein, ilan pappe,the heads of b'tselem,or the members of Shovrim Shtika, Not in Our Name, and Rabbis For Human Rights (not to be confused with the Neturei Karta).

Actually, if anything, i would call you anti-jewish, since you seem to support the brutal actions of the Israeli state. Actions which have done more than anything else in modern history to fuel the anti-jewish right (and left unfortunately), and give it even a shred of legitimacy.

we don't support "terrorism", but you sure seem to have thrown yourself behind the biggest terrorist (with by far the highest civilian body count on its hands) in the region.

Since you like Golda Meir so much, maybe you should read up on her accounts of the ethnic cleansing of Haifa in 1947-48.

and arabs are semites too elaine, lets be specific in our ignorance here darling.

Elaine said...

Tell old Normie, the self-hating Jew, that he can kiss the asses of those who would annihilate his people, but don't expect the thinking people to. They had a name for people like Normie in the death camps, can't think of what it is right at the moment.

Just as we have terrorist supporters like you, and taliban Jack amongst us, the Jews have their turn-coats also.

It should be a fun Friday night with pictures and interviews to follow here on the Fog.

Bring your hamass flag with you Anthony, you'll be needing it to wipe your ass.

Normie said...

how can i possibly reply to such an intelligent argument, so full of logic (and ad hominem attacks!). it's great to see such thoughtful responses here at the london fog.

MapMaster said...

subsidizes mercenaries from abroad that want to serve in Israel's racist military

Whatever you think of Israel's military, this sounds like an intentional mischaracterization of the Foundations' purpose. Unless the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid has any other information, this is what it says on HESEG's website:

Canadian couple Gerry Schwartz and Heather Reisman conceived of the HESEG Foundation as a vehicle to provide support for the educational aspirations of former soldiers who have been honourably discharged from their service in Israel.

The HESEG Foundation offers scholarships to successful applicants in order to support their pursuit of academic excellence following their completion of military service. These scholarships consist of full stipends for academic studies as well as financial support for daily living expenses and related benefits.

The purpose of the HESEG Foundation's scholarship program is to support and encourage exceptional young people to realize their full academic potential and join the ranks of those who will lead the world of tomorrow.

The HESEG Foundation invites applications from former soldiers who have completed their tour of duty and have been honourably discharged.

The Internet said...

the foundation provides scholarships to Lone Soldiers (non-Israelis who come to serve in the IDF), although it simply refers to them as "soldiers" on the website itself.

Since info from CAIA or similar groups will likely be dismissed as left propaganda on this wonderful site, i'll provide you with a speech archived on the website of the Israeli Prime Minister's office (which was delivered in the Knesset last year). Its rather long-winded title is "Address by PM: Ceremony for the Awarding of Scholarships of the "Heseg" Fund Supporting Lone Soldiers following their Release from the IDF Binyanei Hauma, Jerusalem"


MapMaster said...

How does what Olmert said contradict or add anything to what appears on HESEG's website?

Just to repeat what appears on the site promoting the protest:

subsidizes mercenaries from abroad that want to serve in Israel's racist military

It seems what HESEG actually does is to subsidize the education of soldiers who have finished their tour of duty — what sounds to me like more of a charitable support institution than a program to enlist IDF soldiers (or "mercenaries" as one would have it these days, it seems). Is this a bad thing?

Choose an Identity said...

it provides financial benefits (scholarships) to non-Israelis with no family in israel (shown in olmert's speech) who come and serve in the IDF. As such, it provides an incentive for non-Israelis to move to israel and serve in the army, or at least a financial reward for having done so. This is certainly an incentive to enlist. In my eyes, that makes them a form of mercenary (someone who fights in a foreign army for money). These are not simply "soldiers", fighting for their own country.

But if you dont accept the word "mercenary", would "subsidizes non-Israelis that want to serve in Israel's racist military" be more acceptable? it's still the same problem: Chapters Indigo Corporation providing financial incentives to and rewards for serving in the Israeli military.

Choose an Identity said...

as for why this is a "bad" thing: some of these soldiers will serve and have served in the occupied territories. Manning checkpoints which constrict movement, trade, and access to school, work, hospitals, etc. Guarding ever-increasing settlement blocs, holding the residents of Hebron hostage to the whims of 400 settlers, or being party to the killling of civilians at a rate only dreamed of by suicide bombers. Of course, that's all muslim propaganda.

MapMaster said...

Apparently non-Israelis have been enlisting in the IDF long before this new incentive, so I wonder how much this is actually an incentive. (By the way, the phenomenon is hardly restricted to Israel — many nations' armed forces accept the enlistment of non-nationals.) Again, this is a matter of characterization; for example, I pay taxes, some of which help prop up the Palestinian Authority or whatever it's called these days — is this charitable assistance or am I providing incentives for Palestinian fighters? At the very least, HEGES is voluntary.

I'm not strictly concerned at the moment whether Israel is racist or not. What you call an incentive I call charity. There are organizations I can donate to that help support ex-criminals as they re-adjust to society — is this an incentive to commit crime?

Mike said...

Red Power, in a way you're close to right. Military force is exactly what governments are instituted to wield. "Health care for poor people", on the other hand, is your job, as someone who cares about it.

Mercenaries this or education that, Arabs this, or Jews that. W to the H to the A to the T to the ever. I'll leave you to split hairs in the face of the obvious bottom line, that Israel is a free country in a sea of tyrannies that use it for Two Minutes Hate, blaming tiny little Israel for the bad effects of their own tyranny.

My only point was that one should consider responding to this protest as a form of advertising that increases sales at Chapters.

And please, Elaine -- no acrimony, no counter-protesting, at least not in our name. Just spend some money at Chapters and then go enjoy your summer Friday night at LOLA in Museum London.

Elaine said...

I think I might join the Israel army via the HESEG Foundation for Lone Soldiers. I do like pizza, and one can never have too much education. The incentive seems much more inviting than the offer of getting to sleep with 72 little girls if I strap a bomb on myself and walk into a market to kill innocent civilians.

Elaine said...

Mike, don't worry about me. Though it makes me want to puke that we have supporters of the genocide of the Jews by proxy living amongst us, I will behave myself....or try real hard.

I am telling everyone I come in contact with to go and buy a book at Chapters to send a message to the terrorist supporting traitors that we oppose the tyranny of the islamist.