Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Burning Question

What are progressives progessing towards?

Does anyone have an answer? A guess?


Lisa said...

Progress of course.

Little Tobacco said...

it's an infinite progression? the progressives must be tired.

MapMaster said...

Perpetual motion? Maybe they have mastered it, in that case.

Mike said...

I still think it's weird that "progressives" have reclaimed that designation over the past decade or so.

I have many fellow travellers' books on my shelf from the 1930s in which communists refer to themselves in that way. Some are even from London, England's Progressive Book Club.

To me, the term "progressive" is redolent of Stalinism.

Oh well, if the boot tastes the same, lick it, I guess.

Elaine said...

The progressives are progressing to steal my money, and silence me.

I also think the whole aim of the progressives is stalinism. They are too stupid to take into account human nature making that system impossible without brutal force, or are they?

I do not doubt their powers of manipulation over the unwashed masses. They actually have people, educated people, believing if they flush their toilets more than once a day that will cause the crops to fail.