Monday, July 16, 2007

Being a loser might soon become more lucrative in Ontario

The self-proclaimed friends of the earth would deny us our cars, hydro and heating, but when it comes to proselytizing the masses, global rock concerts and government issued pieces of dead tree are deemed necessary to "raise awareness." The caring of our advisers ends with your earnings.

Elections Ontario will spend $6.8 million telling voters why they should cast ballots in the Oct. 10 referendum on electoral reform.

John Hollins, Ontario's chief elections officer, will oversee the information campaign.

His office yesterday revealed the "referendum education projected costs" would include $850,000 for pamphlets for 4.8 million households and a $4.2 million advertising campaign. As well, Elections Ontario will pour $620,000 into an informational website.

It's all part of the overall $92.9 million the election will cost.
And that figure does not include the funds citizens will be forced to pay via taxes for services not of their choosing, nor of their liking.

Sharing the financial advice with Mitchieville.


Little Big Man said...

$620,000.00 into a website. $620,000.00.

Shit, I've built full-scale websites for free...several of them. But even had I had been paid $100.00 per hour: 6200 hours? Are you fucking kidding me?

All for a couple of HTML pages and a bit of Flash that explain how two voting systems work? Unbelievable.

MapMaster said...

This site can be had for a cool $150,000, what a deal! We're waiting by the phone…