Sunday, July 22, 2007

Assorted links

All animals are special

What passes for public art in London

I can't beleive that someone could post such a hateful thing about somebodies ART. Did you even take into consideration the man who made these sculptures?

anonymous comment on The London Fog
The user- and funding-friendly method of eliminating hateful discrimination based on what people are is to eliminate discrimination altogether, including the altogether more useful and necessary discrimination based on what people do, by celebrating the specialness of everyone and everything. That's why hip-hop, graffiti and painted iron trees can be and are called "art."

As Roger Kimball explains in the New Criterion, it must be venerated to work: Why the art world is a disaster.

But as long as specialness is public, we can at least swing from it.

Religionormativism, maybe?

How should atheist beliefs gain authority? Easy, just the same way everyone else does it these days — by making themselves victims.

The London Fog we can handle. Toronto, on the other hand…

Gods of the Copybook Headings:
When a Liberal Finance Minister is giving you advice on spending money wisely you know you've reached a fiscal nadir.
"The farm has been overgrown by the state"

Even many city-dwellers consider their cities to be a squander of precious ecological resources. Lawrence Solomon, writing in the Financial Post, suggests that city governments, chasing after the votes of similar urban-bucolic sentiments, make it impossible not to squander.

Putting sick criminals in charge of the sick and the criminal

The Toronto Sun:
It's criminal that provincial inmates in Ontario are alloted more money a day for their jailhouse cuisine than sick patients receive in hospitals, health experts say.
It's even more criminal to leave sick patients in a health care system managed by bureaucrats and governed by politics and expect a judicious or comprehensible distribution of rations. Unless the millionth government review or report will prove otherwise…