Sunday, July 15, 2007

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Building bigger and better boondoggles

All 2,300 full-time employees of the City of London will be receiving human rights training under a new program called "Standing Together — Employees Caring for Employees." Developed by "abuse and sexual assault experts" who will also serve as trainers and advisors, these aren't your grandfather's human rights that people could be expected to have already learned and distilled by adulthood through life experiences and the advice and wisdom of their families and communities. In lieu of expecting ordinary common sense and decency, human rights will henceforth be defined and administered by specialists at an expected cost of $500,000 over the next four years — nice work for a profession that has to contrive uses for itself by finding abuses wherever it looks. But wouldn't it be cheaper just to fire workers who can't exercise sound judgement without specialized training? Perhaps it's just city management who needs training on administering consequences for criminal behaviour…

For the history of "official" human rights at City Hall, see The politics of human rights in London and Phoney-baloney group hugs still accomplish nothing…

"When men weren't boys, and boys weren't girls…"

If authority denies children the symbols of the adulthood to which they are expected to attain, will adults simply spring into being from children at the authority's statutory age? And who then will be the authority that governs the passage into adulthood if not the children who have never learned to cope with it? Edward Michael George takes aim and fires at restricting access to toys to statutory adults with a salvo from G.K. Chesterton:

When this progress has gone on for a century or two, it might begin to dawn on people that there was something wrong with their moral principle. What is wrong with their moral principle is that it is immoral. Arms, like every other adventure of art of man, have two sides according as they are invoked for the infliction or the defiance of wrong. They have also an element of real poetry and an element of realistic and therefore repulsive prose. The child's symbolic sword and bow are simply the poetry without the prose; the good without the evil. The toy sword is the abstraction and the emanation of the heroic, apart from all its horrible accidents. It is the soul of the sword, that will never be stained with blood.
Bonus inside: Peter Sellers and the Muppets.

The Fog thickens

The London Fog welcomes its newest contributor, John Nicklin. The author of Blue Marble Climate, an ongoing inquiry into the climate change agenda driven more by reports and analysis than by provocative opinion, John lived in London during his university days — more fortunate times in our city. We hope you enjoy his information and insights as much as we do…


Alice the Camel said...

It is the soul of the sword, that will never be stained with blood.

Wow, makes me want to take up a toy sword of my own! Now if I scratch myself when I brandish it, I'll have you to blame for such reckless encouragement.

Elaine said...

What a waste of money and our stupid city council just sitting there nodding their heads like the dummies they are.

I know the males on council couldn't say a word against this large waste of money because the feminazi's would denut them.

Only a female councilor could question this stupid thing, without being besieged with hysterical feminazi's barring their teeth and screaming like banshee's.

Just proves to me there is not a female sitting on that council with an ounce of guts or brains.