Friday, July 27, 2007

Ask not for whom the law tolls, it tolls for thee

WorldNetDaily: IRS loses challenge to prove tax liability

Spokesman Robert Marvin in Washington's IRS office told WND the Internal Revenue Code provides for taxation on salaries or wages, but when pressed for a specific citation, or constitutional provision, he said, "I can't comment."
While it's not Marvin's job as a bureaucratic advocate to know where the authority he cites comes from, neither do many Americans or any other country's citizenry know as much or even care for that matter. It's this general disinterest that allows authority to make itself up as it goes along without reference to any abiding principles, but the alarming thing is that that disinterest is generated by the interest of so many people who just want authority to act as they wish it to… without reference to any abiding principles of their own.

Link via Canadian Taxpayers Federation