Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Union/City Hall corruption scandal housekeeping update

Butch McClarty from AltLondon in the comments:

Preliminary but unconfirmed reports indicate that 107's five-member Kangaroo Court, aka the "Trial Committee", have found Tim Whitworth, president of CUPE Local 107, "not guilty" of breaching CUPE's Constitution and 107's By-laws with respect to receiving a pay package outside the terms and provisions of their collective agreement with the City of London.

[…] From what I can gather, there's no denial that Whitworth's pay package has not been ratified, but the Trial Committee was somehow convinced that it's not an "impeachable offence" and more of a "housekeeping" matter.
The union's "housekeeping" is a matter for the union, but what about the City's role in negotiating irregular remunerations to individuals above and beyond the collective agreements it negotiates with the union? So far, the failure of London's major news outlets to cover the story has not prompted the nuisance required for the City to even acknowledge any irregularities, but should the Trial Committee find that it accepts the allegations — whether or not it considers them impeachable offences under union regulations — the London Free Press might at least finally find itself with the excuse, if not the gumption, it apparently needs to start reporting on them.

As always, updates on this story will first be found at AltLondon.