Sunday, June 3, 2007

Spontaneous Order(s)

Fenris is pained by the absence, nay, the nonexistence of fan fiction for Canadian-made television.

The Beachcombers, certainly one of the best television series ever made, based on the number of decades it dominated Canadian and East German television, is under-represented in the fan fiction genre. Fan fiction allows fans to explore themes considered taboo in media, such as homosexuality, immigration, and racism. So where are the stories exploring alternate sexual lifestyles on the waters around Molly's Reach? How would our Hero, Nick, react to a bungled RCMP plot to blame illegal immigrants for crime? The questions raised by the uncountably infinite number of both unrealistic and implausible alternate viewpoints of diversity demand answers.

It is time for activists to demand increases to the CBC budget. And it is time that the CBC fund activists to administer volunteers to write fan fiction.