Thursday, June 7, 2007

Road Rage

Buckle up, obey the speed limits, purchase a hybrid, and refrain from consuming alcohol before getting behind the wheel, but you'll still be paying for other's recklessness if the current and aspiring regimes have their way.

Apparently, road fatalities in Ontario have increased since last year. Politicians are always eager to "do something" about the latest statistical information generated and regurgitated by those looking to justify their wages. In this instance, the essentially indistinguishable Liberals, Conservatives and New Democrats are all pondering tougher regulations for speed racing (very loosely defined), considering the reintroduction of photo radar and proposing mandatory speed limiters for transport trucks.

Freedom Party of Ontario leader Paul McKeever exposes the race toward limitation:

"This proposal is not about the environment. If the government wanted to do something for the environment, it would rethink making it so much cheaper to put thousands of exhaust-spewing trucks on publicly-funded roads than to put more cars behind a single engine on privately-funded rails.

"Let's be frank. Most of the large trucking companies pushing for the 105 KpH limiters already use the limiters. These companies want to squeeze out their competitors. Witness that the Canadian Trucking Alliance's resolution in favour of the 105 KpH limiter law was said in part to be for the purpose of establishing 'fair competition'. Most business people realize this is weasel talk, meaning 'less competition', and that is clearly why the Alliance could not bring itself to mention of 'fair competition' in its press release concerning the resolution, instead hiding behind feigned concern for the public and driver health.