Thursday, June 14, 2007

Put The Burka On Before I Quote A Sura With My Fist

Update: This will make you feel better:


Elaine said...

Yeah nothing like that muslim faith to keep a woman line is there? I wonder how many females the muslim males will kill before the muslim females say fuck this and rebel.

That is pretty interesting over there with the Hamasses throwing people off of buildings and taking charge. I bet taliban Jack and his harem are just jumping with joy waiting for the Hamasses to make their westward move.

Anonymous said...

I'm not really sure how the second video is suppose to make me feel better. They are both kinda depressing.

Elaine said...

Those poor muslim women have lives worse than a dog. This is what taliban Jack and his harem want us as Canadians to embrace, understand and tolerate.

Can you imagine the only decision you would get to make as a muslim woman is what you ate for breakfast, and even that would be up to some supernatural fuckwit of a god. Scarey shit