Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Ottawa to reward insurgency in Caledonia

The insurgents of Caledonia have been offered $125 million from the Federal Government to stop their criminal occupation, but Six Nations leaders have rejected the offer saying they are more interested in the land.

Haldimand County Mayor Marie Trainer said she was hopeful for a settlement, but noted some natives at the table have said they are only interested in the land and not cash.

Last night, a Six Nations negotiator dismissed the offer and said natives have made it clear from the start of talks they only wanted land. "The only positive thing about it is it was an offer," said Mohawk Chief Allen MacNaughton.

"It being an initial offer, we realize initial offers are never accepted anyway. I guess it's a starting point to talk about things and I guess the only positive is it's obviously a recognition they owe us something."

The offer involves the settlement of four of 27 existing land claims: the former Moulton township, the flooding of lands in Dunnville to accommodate the Welland Canal, the former Burtch correctional facility in Brant County and the Grand River Navigation Co. claims.
We are thus collectively guilty and owe the Caledonia occupiers for causing them to burn telephone poles to settle their grievances.

HT: Canadian Taxpayers Federation

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