Monday, June 4, 2007

Not Dead enough

Eager to start their extended paid leave, the current gang is quickly approving arbitrary legislation at the expense of the feelings of aspiring groups:

The Liberals are quickly passing a slew of government bills, before the house rises and remains adjourned until after the October election.

Left in the wake of fast-tracked legislation are at least 107 private member bills ranging from declaring the "apple capital of Ontario" to a bill requiring people to fill out organ donation cards before renewing their driver's licences.

Such bills have survived various votes in the legislature and dissection in legislative committees, only to die on the order paper when the government adjourns the house this week – three weeks ahead of schedule.

[..] In the last week, the government has passed a bill to increase fines for street racing and another to create a child and youth advocate as it gears up for the fall vote.

The Liberals were scheduled to pass their last remaining bills late today and are expected to adjourn the legislature by Wednesday at the latest.

Also left on the legislature order paper: a bill that would require background checks for referees in amateur sport and a bill that would allow Ontario wine and beer to be sold in corner stores.

Others tackling less weighty subjects include proclaiming Archives Awareness week and naming the last Saturday in September as Outdoor Heritage Day.
Clearly, it's time to burn that paper.

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Jake said...

McWimpy is trying to get as much of his government's legislation passed as possible for a reason. It's almost a certainty that the Fiberals will be either defeated or re-elected with only a minority come October. A minority will mean he will no longer pass whatever he wants carte blanc.