Sunday, June 3, 2007

Meet Diana Reid, one of the eggs…

So, is there anybody getting an omelet?

A reader points out this story from the Guelph Mercury. Clubhouse Donuts owner Diana Reid sold off the contents of her business this past Wednesday after the City of Guelph denied her application to renew her business permit. Public health inspectors recommended to city staff that the license not be renewed after numerous convictions for "allowing patrons to smoke and for failing to have the appropriate smoking signs on the premises." Reid bought the coffee shop to keep busy after her retirement and served willing customers. Since an anti-smoking bylaw was passed in Guelph in 2000 before the advent of the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, Reid reduced her operating hours and worked the shop by herself for twelve hour days, seven days a week and with no holidays.

Does this protect a public interest? Or does it protect some people's authority to regulate other people's lives?