Thursday, June 28, 2007

Make Marxism History

I've long maintained that man-made solutions to climate change are a greater threat to the planet than global cooling, and global warming combined. The Manifesto now sports a green cover.

The US Department of Agriculture is redirecting $20 million to study the containment of the scent of cow poop. Farmers are expected to receive credit for contributing to the apparent problem.

Redistributing your hard earned dollars one carbon credit at a time:

Agriculture Under Secretary for Natural Resources and Environment, Mark Rey, was in Corning Wednesday morning at the Big Flats Plant Materials Center to announce the award of nearly $20 million in Conservation Innovation Grants to fund 51 research projects across the country designed to refine new technologies helping dairy and other agricultural producers cut back on their greenhouse emissions and cash in on governmental incentives for the research.

[..] The main focus of the grant-funded research in New York State would be to tarp off areas where farmers dump cow manure, commonly called manure lagoons. Researchers would then prevent those gases from entering the atmosphere, measure how many units are produced, and farmers would receive cash incentives, called "Carbon Credits," for each unit produced. They would also receive annual payments for use of their properties.
Let's tarp the planet off from the sun, and dump some stuff into the ocean.

Chicken Little debates his fellow Marxists:
A controversial plan to dump iron dust into the open ocean near the Galapagos Islands to induce the growth of phytoplankton met with opposition from an environmental group today.

The plan, from a company called Planktos, Inc., seeks to grow the tiny creatures in an attempt to suck up excess atmospheric carbon dioxide.

[..] “World Wildlife Fund’s concern extends beyond the impact on individual species and extends to the changes that this dumping may cause in the interaction of species, affecting the entire ecosystem,” said microbiologist Sallie Chisholm, a WWF board member. “There’s a real risk that this experiment may cause a domino effect through the food chain.”

Russ George, the CEO of Planktos, Inc., counters that the very reason why the Galapagos Islands have the rich array of life that they do is because of the iron that drains from the islands into the ocean.
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John Nicklin said...

Greens will oppose anything that doe not result in the deindustrialization of the western world. Any solution proffered to offset CO2 or GHG or cow farts will be shot down as environmentally unsound. They don't care about the environment, they care about bringing our modern civilization to its knees.

Elaine said...

I agree with you John. The main goal of the glowtardian hierarchy is the destruction of the economy. They are thinking it will give them power and control over the unwashed masses. Just reading what the glowtardians write is telling me they will be vicious about it.