Friday, June 15, 2007

Is it BBC or the Onion?

Since when do Muslim women complain about oppression?


Elaine said...

Now that is the prototype for an oxyfuckingmoron if I ever saw one. hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahah

John Nicklin said...

So, you immigrate to a free country and then piss and moan about how badly the government treats you, presumably by not allowing you to import your own laws like they tried in Ontario.

Elaine said...

This ain't all bad. At least their masters are allowing them out of the house. Their doing it for their males, to uphold the oppression of islam. They have been trained since birth that this lifestyle is normal.One or two of them may allow themselves to think. "If we can do this, perhaps we can do other things" The muslim males are never going to give up their power of oppression over their females. Why would they? The muslim females have to empower themselves to stop that fucking islamic nonsense.

mariposa said...

Well, the easy solution to the "oppressive" British law - leave. And before you emigrate, examine the laws of the intended country to see if you're willing to live by those rules.

eng said...

Typical stereotyping, folks. You have no idea if those women are immigrants or not. Where do they "go back to" if they are British born?

Or are you saying they should just leave anyway? If so, I would suggest the same to many of those commenting here if they don't like the way it is here.

It looks more like the spoof where they supposedly hired sign painters, and since nobody could read English, the signs read things like "please bomb us, we're idiots"

Ax for Sharia in Ontario, you can still use it for settling family law cases. It was never under consideration for anything other than family law. You can make whatever settlements you want, as long as they do not contravene the civil laws.

The proposal was to allow Sharia based tribunals for family law matters, such as are allowed for Jews and Roman Catholics. The religious tribunal is something like going on Judge Judy, where you agree to abide by the decision of the tribunal (or Judge Judy), and agree not to sue in regular court if things do not go your way.

The government instead moved to remove the status of Jewish and Roman Catholic tribunals.

Now you can still go to the tribunal, but you cannot be bound from later going to regular civil court if you dislike the decision.

Sorry to deflate your theme of Ontario narrowly missed being turned into a Taliban state, but that is only in your imaginations.

Elaine said...

We don't even know if they are women. Could be anyone hiding under there. Could be Bin Laden for all we know. Take your shaira law and stick it up your arse eng. One law for all of us. If they don't like it, go back to fuckuped oppressive land and live like backward barbaric animals. I don't even know why they bother coming here if they hate our ways so much.

eng said...

As my comment said, we do have one law for all. If you want to settle out of court, you are allowed to do that. Whether you have a religious tribunal or not, it is legal. But you still have to go to court and present the out of court settlement.

As my comment said, where should people born here "go back to" just because they don't agree with our ways.

You don't agree with our ways here, elaine, why don't you leave? Why do you bother staying in Canada if you hate our ways so much?

Elaine said...

Eng,give me the lowdown on some of the quaint islamic cultural traditions you would like us as Canadians to tolearate and embrace. Female circumsion? suicide bombing? should we all be cheering them on,at their endeavour of genocide of the Jews? Dress codes? stoning females to death because of a social faux paus? honour killings?It might be a great family pastime for the muslim culture but I just can't get my head around it as being that much fun for the chosen victim. I could go on and on on the barbaric and oppressive nature of islam, the religion of pieces, but I will wait to hear your glorification of the above cultural traditions.

eng said...

You'll have a long wait for any "glorification" by me of activities that are illegal here.

Nice try, though. Like your other comments, it is just baiting in hopes of getting an over the top hysterical response, which then makes your point of view look good, no matter how ridiculous it actually is.

In fact, your comment employs a rhetorical device which is quite common in Muslim culture (and in many others). You managed to sneak "dress codes" in the very middle of a list of extreme activities, in an effort to have them equated. So a woman who wears a hijab must also condone murder? It is no different than claiming someone who wears a rosary must also condone witch burnings.

Elaine said...

Eng, you already had your hysterical response by calling the London coma inducers to arms. That was so cute, thank you for the laugh.

Yes, those activities are illegal in Canada, and I think they should stay illegal. Pretty fucked up cultural norms the muslims got going on there. Must be wicked to be indoctrinated
into a religious culture of death, destruction and oppression. Be a bitch to try and break free of that.