Monday, June 25, 2007

No Unity, If It Has U


Why is divisiveness a bad thing? Why is "unity" always a good? Aren't the "issues that divide us" precisely where our principles and passions lie?

Are progressives trying to smuggle a more insidious concept into public discourse by using the word "divisive" as an insult?
Update: G-bob:
Upton writes that this is the greatest danger of postmodernism: "that in its understandable attempt to avoid totalitarian ideologies, it is storing up in the collective unconscious, through its own 'totalitarian relativism', a deep desire for the lost Unity which was once provided by religion, metaphysics, and the intellectual intuition of God. When our exhaustion with chaos and relativism reaches a breaking-point -- which will also be the point when our ability to recognize the true, objective, metphysical Unity is most deeply eroded -- then our unconscious desire for that Unity will explosively emerge. And the one who can best fulfill this desire, on a global level -- no matter how unrealistic his promises are, since our collective sense of reality will then be at its lowest ebb -- will step into the role of Antichrist"


Elaine said...

I think it is a pretty word. It makes me think of freedom, intelligence, individualism, and non-conformity.

Anonymous said...

Every little breeze seems to whisper Elaine ...

Whenever I think of the word "Elaine" ice-cod beer, sweetly cured ham, babbling brooks, frisky Black Squirrels, foot-long hot dogs with all the fixin's, apple orchards in October, fat wallets loaded with cash and primo grass come to mind.

Remember that night in the sugar cane, Elaine?

Elaine said...

Is that you Jack? "ice-COD beer", that is Newfanese speak, so I know you are from down home. I do remember that night. It wasn't sugar cane, it was a cornfield, a freshly shorn one. I am just glad I am a liberated female, and you were on the bottom.

Elaine said...

Bravo! on the update, oh it so true.