Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The hollow quest to make London a creative city

The promised metal trees slated to adorn downtown London are soon to become a reality. The first of 30 trees, mostly funded with mandatory fees paid by downtown business owners to the London Downtown Business Association, will be planted near the end of June. The cost is $200,000 and counting.

The trees are hollow metal tubes, bent to resemble trunks and the leaves are cut from sheet metal and welded on. In total, 15 different species will be on display and the first is slated to be planted June 18, with the rest taking about two weeks to be installed.

"They are all made out of the same thing. They look alike, but each one is an individual work of art," [Bill] Hodgson [the artist] said.

The trees also will come in neon green, red and blue. Four will be installed near Covent Garden Market, one in front of city hall, with others lining Dundas Street, to name a few sites.
Cyclists will be happy to know that the branches are high enough from the ground to prevent injury. Graffiti "artists" are looking forward to tagging the five meter high trees, especially as the canvases we call mailboxes are already covered with other artist's markings. An increase in tourism is not expected by rational thinking people.


WW said...

Have they heard about metal theft?


Big around here and it isn't only copper they go after. This is only the latest in a string of incidents.


mariposa said...

Another lovely waste of money. I would have felt a lot better if they had spent the money on real trees. But I guess we get the government we deserve - why else would people keep re-electing the same dipshits.

HONEYPOT said...

I can just imagine what these tin trees will look like. Be like that waste of money they put in the middle of the road on Wellington, no one knows what the hell it is and risk their lives slowing down in their cars to look at it. I am surprised the glowtardians didn't protest the tin trees. All that carbon emitting to produce them. I hope someone told the artist not be using lead solder to put the things together. I wouldn't want any of our city forefathers licking the trees and getting lead poisioning.

Anonymous said...

I like the goofy trees because they cost $200,000 of LDBA members' money. Too bad the anti-government bozoz on this site didn't raisde a stink about this -- but then you clowns have no influence.

You just whine, snivel and complain and never do anything about it because yopu're all as useless as tits on a bull!


Lisa said...


Do you also laugh when some thug takes off with an old lady's purse?

By the way, you might want to use a browser that features spell check.