Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fashion for Dumb Celebrities

Via Powerline, ht: The Broom.

In another characteristically uncouth moment, Rosie features her angelic child in a short video clip designed to appeal to our emotions rather than our rationality.


Elaine said...


You know how the folk over at London commons need to be placed in a sunny window and watered from time to time because they are so damn dull, with brains full of daisy's....well, they are turning on each other. It is wickedly funny when one or two break from the flock and rebel.

... I grabbed this before the moderator could remove it. You know how they like to pretend they are just one big happy peaceable family. They are so pretend nice over there it would gag a maggot.
Submitted by Richard Wakefield-London commons blog June27

You only have yourselves to blame. Brishon posts a rational thought, I came in to help him defend a rational position, which you attempted to squash with threats and now me with accusations of racism. Is that the way of the Left? Is that how you plan to run future society? It's not my fault these propositions are so full of holes, so unrealistic, so full of leftist power hungry supremacy. Unless someone points out the flaws in such proposals, especially the highly contradictory position of wanting to save the environment to make it a better place including rationing on the masses, but allowing massive immigration at the same time, you will continue to live in a fantasy world. You need someone in the room to challenge you. The fact that no one can justify their position on these points with RATIONAL/REALISTIC details shows how unrealistic and unachievable these proposals are. I almost get the sence that people such as yourself are only just waiting for society to collapse so you can make your move to take control. I hope I'm wrong on that.
Do I want to see things keep going. Of course I do. I have children and grandchildren who's future I hope is bright. To wish otherwise is sadistic.


mariposa said...

First re: Rosie - pathetic as usual.

And re: London Commons...well, I guess that's why their blog is listed here under the heading "Cannibal Culture".

Mike said...

Honey, from that same fascinating discussion, a complaint about someone using up a disproportionate share of that famously finite resource known as the Internet. It was too funny not to quote.

It seems you really feel that your ideas are more important then anyone else. Of the 23 comments that have been made in this thread you have made 14 of them. You have dominated this conversation at 61 percent.

Imagine a meeting room with 10 people in it. This meeting room is small and everyone in it has an opinion that are all equally valid (at least initially). Now one person decides that His perspective is more important then the other 9 people and decides to start talking louder and more often to the point of using up 61 percent of the total space and time alotted for all ten people.

We must be running out of space on the internet even faster than we're running out of oil, natural gas, and funding for disabled multicultural educational assistants! Send Fenris money now!

Elaine said...

Mike, it is like watching the Mad Hatter boinking the Scarecrow as the glowtards go at it.

They truly have no idea how asinine their beliefs and arguments are.

I was thinking that is the next thing the glowtards will be going after, mass communication. McGouger already has put in place a $45.00 tax on electronics.

I am teaching myself bird calls, and smoke signals, just in case the glowtards endeavour to cut out communication amongst the thinking people comes to be.

Elaine said...

I was reading that the glowtards have graciously accepted the great Goracle's docudrama as a teaching tool in the schools here in Ontario.

I do wonder how the government is going to pay for the lawsuits when children start killing themselves, and parents start sueing.

When I am watching the hysterics of supposedly intelligent mature adults on London commons, suggesting sucicide to each other because of dubious climate change claims, I am thinking how are young impressible children going to deal with the global warming hysteria.

There is money in them there clouds.

eng said...

I grabbed this before the moderator could remove it

Who are these people and why would they have a comment nazi?

gm said...

Who are these people and why would they have a comment nazi?

Because the international socialists are brothers of the national socialists.