Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The dangers of hockey hair

I was beginning to think hockey season took place year round these days, but I've happily discovered that it could end tonight if Ottawa loses to that other team. I used to enjoy football, and hockey too, but such contests have since come to represent a kind of madness to me. I still recall that as a youth, I would know how the Boston Bruins were faring from the shouts or crashes coming from my brother's room. Then I moved from the country to the city where fans spill out into the street and disturb the public peace by honking their horns and obstructing traffic should their team win. Soccer cultists are more menacing, but it's a soap opera nonetheless when people take a game so seriously they are inclined to smash in a face or expend senseless amounts of carbon.

I'd be scalped if I posted this over at The Broom, so I won't. Instead, I'll disrupt the status quo by speaking out at Mitchieville. They appreciate activists more. I didn't care until now, but I'm voting for public peace. I'm voting for that other team so the minorities can get some sleep.


Anonymous said...

So, a commie at heart huh. A little horn honking is the price you pay for living in a city with a successful sports team. Sure beats downtown Detroit circa October 1984.

Mike said...

The desire for a much harsher police response to public nuisance displays of simian sports hysteria syndrome (SSHS) is not about communism; it is about a compromise between the wishes of SSHS sufferers, and the community's desire for a much, MUCH harsher police response to public nuisance displays of simian sports hysteria syndrome.

Col. Hogan said...

I've lived in Southern California since 1965, waiting for the Kings to win the Cup. Well, the Ducks finally won it.

20,000-odd cheering fans went home after the game, and nary a building was torched, and nary a window was broken. I suspect there was some horn honking and some hanging out of car windows, cheering on the way home.

I live a mite far from the Ducks arena, so I watched on tv. 'Twas good to see!