Saturday, June 23, 2007

Cameron Diaz is, like, so politically aware

Fearless actress and sage, Diaz boldly displays her political beliefs to the ignorant masses of Peru.

AGUAS CALIENTES, Peru (June 23) - Actress Cameron Diaz appears to have committed a major fashion faux pas in Peru. The voice of Princess Fiona in the animated "Shrek" films may have inadvertently offended Peruvians who suffered decades of violence from a Maoist guerrilla insurgency by touring here Friday with a bag emblazoned with one of Mao Zedong's favorite political slogans.

While [she] explored the Inca city of Machu Picchu high in Peru's Andes, Diaz wore over her shoulder an olive green messenger bag emblazoned with a red star and the words "Serve the People" printed in Chinese on the flap, perhaps Chinese Communist leader Mao's most famous political slogan.

"Those little Peruvian people are, like, so uninformed. Don't they, like, realize that capitalism is, like, totally wrong? I flew all the way down here from Hollywood to shit in the woods of their backwards little country, and share some of my wealth with them, and they have the nerve to criticize what I'm wearing!"


Carlos A. Quiroz said...

I was born in Peru, and Cameron Diaz didn’t offend me at all. She can wear whatever she wants, and I think that is good when countries “serve the people” too.

Don’t generalize and believe all what Peruvian media says, for future references they manipulate news worse than in the US.

I wrote something bout it in my blog peruanista dot blogspot

basil said...


Personally, I think Cameron Diaz is least offensive when she wears nothing at all.

How best to "serve the people"?
Personally, I like them served on a skewer with roasted garlic butter. But I realize butter garlic may be too much luxury for some Maoists.

Unfortunately, I don't read Spanish so I can't read your blog. I can assure I don't believe everything I read in any media with the exception of The London Fog (which I take dead seriously and become violently offended when others don't - we're writing dogma here and leave no room for doubt).

Bon appetit!

John Nicklin said...

I'll leave any insult to the local people to the local people to comment on as I don't know what the cultural norms are there. What really gets me is how absolutely stupid these celebrities really are. WHile Barrymore delights in taking a crap in the woods, she dumped a whole load of intestinal flora there that could be harmful to locals.

They claim to admire the indigeous lifestyle and bemoan the lamentable that Americans are forced to suffer, what with flush toilets, electricity, refridgerators, cars, housing, pest control, etc. But they always come back to their substandard environment to suffer in their mansions. Barrymore and Diaze would be haggard old ladies in any of those cultures, not sex symbols who make more money per film than the gross national product of Buhtan. Its a damned good thing they aren't required to have any demonstrable intelligence to perform their current jobs.

Their sincerity is belied by the amount of kerosene they burn jetting to location after location to shit in the woods.

Madonna brought an orphan child home from Malawi, to save it from the same hardships that she admires so much. Why didn't she move there instead, I'm sure they could use an extra set of hands.

You could say that they are hypocritical, but that would imply that they know wrong from right, they don't.

John Nicklin said...

Ok, that was a rant, but I stand by it none-the-less. Rant on brothers and sisters. Maybe someday someone, somewhere will wake up and pay attention.

For the liberals, greens and new dems out there... Just keep banging the rocks together guys.

rg said...

"Serve The People"?
My God! It's a cook book !!!

basil said...

No insults intended to any peoples or individuals.

I do believe violent communist revolution leads societies which devour their own people.

All references to the Twilight Zone intended.

Carlos A. Quiroz said...

London Foggers:

I don't know how to take your sarcasm, but coming from people of the country that stablished and promotes permanent slavery of poor countries, I just think you are all in denial.

Fine, Peru is a small country and Americans come here to shit on it. But I remember seeing British tourists in Cusco when I was a child, and you all are the same as Americans, and I don't hate any of you anyways. Next time you visit Peru, remember we are not a small country, neither in size nor in culture. Leave the arrogance at home.

And for the Spanish-illiterate, some of my posts are in English too, I know your language.

Have a nice afternoon, drinking Chinese tea. :)

Carlos A. Quiroz said...

and the last message was intended thinking that this blog is written in London, isn't it?

Elaine said...

Carlos, morder mi asno.

You are the arrogant one Carlos, blaming Canada and the USA for your country being all fucked up. Your country is all fucked up because your government is full of corrupt backward tyrannical fuckwits. How is it anyone else's fault that Peru can't get their shit together? Why are you not there in Peru working to better the life of your people? Fuck you and the bannana boat you came in on.

Elaine said...

While we got you here Carlos, what is your take on the local glowtardian movement to stop immigration to Canada? How about the glowtardian demand of all third world countries stopping production of goods, except basket weaving and making them go back to living in filth and squalor? I am curious on an ungrateful immigrants point of view.

basil said...

My original sarcasm is aimed at the million dollar American actress who, knowingly or not, arrogantly flashes communist political slogans on boutique items - there seems to be a strange irony in that.

I do not think Peru is small or ignorant - I am commenting on the fact that a pretty face from Hollywood who wears such an item, especially in a country which has seen violent political struggle, is ignorant if not downright hypocritical and yet continues to tell the rest of how to live sparingly. I have no patience for son-of-a-cattle-farming-big-business-senator Al Gore either - don't think we should drive cars? then get out and walk like the rest of us . . .

The London Fog is not based in England; we are Canadian. Many Canadians like to boast of our country as being a generous peacemaker on the world stage - others view us as passive Americans. I would be curious to see what your opinion of Canada is. I feel very privileged to live here for many reasons, as do many other folks; our community here in London has many immigrants from central and south America (and the rest of the world) - many have come to escape the violence of their homelands.

I would very much like to travel to Peru but I assure you I will leave my communist, fascist, British, American, Canadian or any other flags at home. I would be a guest in your country, there to observe your country not instruct it.

I am curious as to why you chose to leave your homeland to live in the heart of the American empire.

basil said...

. . . are you suggesting that if I drink tea I should thank a communist for enslaving the Chinese to grow it for me?

Elaine said...

I don't eat anything from China now. Ever since they did that test run of killing off the pets, I check to see where the product is from. I know they have that counterfit thing going on with products and things can slip through easy enough. I thank fido everyday for clueing us in on communist China's intent.

Pretty dumb of us to buy anything as far as foodstuffs go from China. They have no regard for their own people, and kill them off just for fun.

Carmi said...

"I don't eat anything from China now."

Elaine: do you REALLY think you can totally de-Chinafy your entire personal chain of consumption? Do you really think this is even possible in today's globalized economy?

It's almost as amusing as the buy-American unionistas telling us they'll never buy a Japanese car. Do you mean the Toyota that's built in Indiana? Or the Honda that's built right here in Ontario?

What about the Chevy that's shipped in a box from Korea? Or the Saturn that's built in Belgium?

Isn't nationalism so quaint? It's easy for us to claim moral superiority, whining about never supporting whatever country because they repress their people. Is sticking our heads in the sand and saying nothing really the answer? Maybe getting off our sanctimonious rumps and visiting these places would initiate dialog that might improve the lot of their people.

Elaine, do you have enough Air Miles to book your flight?

Carmi said...

One more thing: someone really ought to teach Ms. Diaz how to hold an SLR. It's beyond annoying to see the dilettantes with their high-end cameras. They have no clue how to use 'em.

Maximinus Thrax said...

Carlos: While you may not be offended by Ms.Diaz and her thoughtless support for The Shining Path, others are. Infact, tens of thousands of your countrymen mourn to this day their family murdered by The Shining Path. Your lack of human feeling for these says alot about you, and about Cameron Diaz.

The first thing is Hypocrisy. Support for the savages in The Shining Path is inconsistant with your living in Capitalism. Why are you here? You have the appearance of one who is a guest in a house who then shits in the coffee pot.

The second thing is Ignorance. It is hard to believe that you, a native of Peru, would lack knowledge of the horrors of The Shining Path. You also do not have a grasp of basic logic. While your lack of animosity for a pack of war criminals and sociopaths is an inalienable right, it is illogical for you to assume the mantle that you speak for the Peruvian experience. You are either a propagandist for Communism, or full of shit.

Elaine said...

Carmi, I feel Canada is morally superior to say China, Peru, Africa, Iran, most of the ME, and a whack of other backward oppressive countries ran by ... evil fuckwits..for lack of a better word.

I have no want nor need to go to any of these backward countries. I would be shot as soon as I stepped off the plane. They don't warmly embrace females with opinions.

I might not be totally de-chinaed, because of counterfeit foodstuffs and products coming into our country, but I try to keep aware. Fido is my offical food taster.

I have no problem with people stating that communist China is an evil oppressive country. I encourage it. Thier own people can't, unless they want to end up in jail and have their organs harvested for a whack of dosh.

PhiberOptik said...

It is so comical to me to see all of you talking about things that you don't even know about. We criticize people with higher relevance in public office for their lack of knowledge before they act or speak but how would it be any different from what we do regularly? Human beings in general are too opinionated for hteir own good.
Ignorance is bliss, but it is just too damn funny as well.

1. rg said...
"Serve The People"?
My God! It's a cook book !!!
- No, it is not a cook book, it is a Communist phrase used as a slogan by the Peruvian Marxist Terrorist Group "Shining Path", who killed 70,000 peruvians between the 80's and early 90's, most of them from the Andes region where Machu Picchu is located.
It is much smarter to find out the background of the story before making any dumb comments. It really helps for a positive, intelligent discussion.

2. How did this even get into a country against country issue? Again, people seem to think derogatory comments and generalizations make your point, it just makes you look even more ridiculous. Know before you speak.

3. Elaine, I really don't know what your post is all about, maybe you posted in the wrong blog. Again, putting the other side down to ridicule doesn't make your point better. Somehow the thread morphed into another level of discussion. Politicians do it all the time, no wonder we fall for it.

The issue here is sensitivity and it has a valid root cause. I wouldn't parade myself with any of the Al Qaida motos or slogans on a t-shirt around NYC. It is nothing against China or Peru or any country (why this discussion evolved into this is beyond me). It just happens that there is a particular connection/association with the phrase directly tied to that Terrorist group's slogan and that particular chapter in Peru's history that is the real problem. Nothing more, nothing less.

There would be no discussion if people actually knew the background of the whole story. And this applies to the "offender" in question and the people commenting on it.

We live in such an OpinionNation we include it in our every conversation. Less hate people, try it at least once a day. It is good for you.

IjustDidMyResearch said...

Yeah Elaine, your morally superior comment and putting Peru amongst Iran, China, just doesn't make sense. Peru is NOT a communist country, is very much a capitalist society. Their democratic goverment and their citizens FOUGHT against communism/socialism, a very bloody war indeed that cost them 70,000 lives of their own countrymen. THAT IS the reason why this is a sensitive subject, because THAT communist terrorist group used that saying in their subvervise videos and propaganda to promote their socialist/communist idealism (they painted it on people's houses or on the bodies of their killings)...

Granted the armed face to face combat only took places in the poor areas of the country (i.e. not the cities but the andean villages where they don't even speak Spanish, but the language of the Incas) but it was bloody and gruesome nonetheless...

basil said...

PhiberOptik: "Serve the people" is a slogan which originated in Maoist China and was borrowed by the Shining Path, as clearly stated in the article to which my post is linked.

My comment was a play on words inspired by a Twilight Zone episode entitled "To Serve Man" (which I assume rg was referring to as well)in which Kanamits ("superior" alien beings) arrive on Earth with a book in hand promising world peace, prosperity, an end to natural disasters, etc. - utopia in other words for the earthlings - much like the 20th century communists/Maoists with the writings of Marx or Mao's "Little Red Book" snuggly tucked beneath one of their smelly armpits, and a machine gun in the other.

When deciphering the mysterious language the Kanamits' book is written in, one of the human researchers realizes "To Serve Man" is actually a cookbook and shouts the famous punchline at the end of the show "Don't get on the ship. The book, 'To Serve Man', IT'S A COOKBOOK!"

Mine is a figurative interpretation of the effects of "The Communist Manifesto" as witnessed in much of the 20th century.

SillyGizmo said...

I have asked every possible friend and family back home (Peru) about this and NONE have a clue about this so called "offense". No mention on the local newspapers, radio, tv, NADA.
This is ridiculous.

Elaine said...

With a 50% poverty rate in the country, they would have to sell their grandmother to come up with the dosh to buy a newspaper.