Saturday, June 9, 2007

A Bitchin' Bee sting!

Buried underneath the plethora of stories about Michael Moore, The Free Press today featured a "special report" on housing development in the city. It seems the activist, anti-growth crowd has a new nickname at city hall: Killer B's.

The Bs are Joni Baechler, Judy Bryant, Gina Barber and Nancy Branscombe.
These four members on council all sit on the planning committee and are determined to place as many roadblocks to new development as possible to stall new housing in London. They are all supporters of "smart growth" policies that lead to astronomical housing prices and economic stagnation. What is perplexing is that Nancy Branscombe is considered to be on the right wing of council:

Ward 6's Branscombe chuckles when she's described as anti-growth aligned with the left-wing faction on council.

In fact, Branscombe is a political and fiscal conservative who ran for the Canadian Alliance and the Reform party.

Just because Branscombe was a candidate for a right-wing party ten years ago doesn't mean that she hasn't change her beliefs along the way. Someone could have brainwashed her to buy into this activist, "smart growth" agenda.

The hypocrisy of Branscombe is obvious when this fact is stated:
"You can't be building out everywhere as we're doing, it's not sustainable," said Branscombe, a real estate broker who depends on a booming housing market for her income.
Well Nancy, best not to bite the hand that feeds you. Or sting it for that matter!


basil said...

Supply and demand . . . the fewer new houses available . . . $$$

Anonymous said...

I don't know, Nancy is still pretty right winged...either that or anti-student, judging from her campaign to get elected councillor of Ward 6. She railed against "irresponsible students" (and doing it in such a manner that implies ALL students were irresponsible), and her answer to fixing all problems involving students is cracking down on student housing. Not sure if that's right wing, or just being a jerk. Then again, being far on the left, I've kind made the two synonymous ;)

fenris badwulf said...

Supply and demand is it.

Excellent use of graphics, I might add.