Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Adscam history - CBC Style

This is the way the CBC remebers Adscam ... not as a corrupt Liberal Party but as a Liberal Party painted corrupt by the opposition:

The sponsorship program, now defunct, was designed to raise the federal
government's profile in the wake of the 1995 sovereignty referendum in Quebec.
Over its life, Liberal-friendly ad firms in that province took in millions of
taxpayers' dollars.

Some of the money ended up in the pockets of high-ranking Liberal
organizers in Quebec, allowing the opposition to paint the government of former prime minister Jean Chrétien as corrupt.

Poor Jean Chretien... he was treated so unfairly... why everyone knows that he and his buddies never got a dime. And Paul Martn knew nothing about it .... nor did Dion or Tobin or Copps....


mariposa said...

I am still so pissed about that whole thing. Has anybody actually been convicted of anything in that scandal?

At the very least, the money should be returned to the victims - us, the taxpayers.

If I remember right, one guy's punishment was to teach an ethics course at some university.

This is why I don't watch the Communist Broadcasting Corporation - I can't even stomach Air Farce any more. Since John Morgan left the show (and then passed away), it's gone downhill - especially with those new idiots - Alan Park is the worst.

Nice way for the CBC to put a spin on the whole thing - making it appear less than criminal.

I will never vote for ANY party that I KNOW to be CRIMINALS. They stole from us and didn't pay it back, so there's no other way to describe them.

Mike said...

Huh. We used to have an "Imprisoned Liberal Mobsters" counter in the sidebar, but I guess it got lost in the shuffle, being stuck at zero and all.

mariposa said...

I don't get the apathy on this posting. Yes, Adscam is old news. But being robbed by a bunch of criminals, who not only didn't pay back what they stole (from we the taxpayers) but also were not punished for it, still pisses me off. In fact, the Liberals under Paul "Offshore" Martin won an election after their crimes came to light (albeit a minority win). It amazes me that anyone could vote for them - EVER! Probably the same mentality that keeps electing the usual "tits on a bull" for our city council.