Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sicko might be coming to London Ontario

Inspired by his trip to Cuba, Michael Moore is considering taking his circus on a road trip to London, Ontario. As the children tire of Al Gore and his convenient lies, Moore might successfully infiltrate the educational monopoly. Let's hope he purchases some carbon credits from Al Gore to offset his emissions.

According to an article published in the London Free Press, Moore might premier his new fantasy film in a city suffering a serious doctor shortage, long wait lines and closing emergency rooms. If Michael Moore thinks Canada's health care system is so great, why doesn't he apply to become a Canadian citizen, or better yet, move to Cuba? Surely, with all his money, he could find a way to jump the queue should the need arise:

Michael Moore is considering coming to London in mid-June to premiere his controversial film Sicko that includes the story of a man treated at St. Joseph's Health Care.

"London and Londoners have a sizable portion in the film," Moore's Canadian field producer, Chris Aldred, wrote in an e-mail from the Cannes Film Festival.

[..] The London part of the film is about a Southwestern Ontario man who had his fingers severed by a hockey puck and re-attached in an around-the-clock operation at the Hand and Upper Limb Centre at St. Joseph's. The cost was covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan.

In contrast, the film tells the story of an American who accidentally cut off two of his fingers with a saw.

He ended up only having one re-attached at a cost of $12,000 because he could not afford the $60,000 bill to have the second one sewn back on.
There is no indication in the article that the American had any health insurance coverage, but apparently if he did, it was not enough to cover his costs. But at least this man was free to take risks, even though he lost a finger. He could have spent his money on more comprehensive coverage, but instead, he choose to spend his money on something else gambling on good health. Not so in the egalitarian paradise we call Canada. Here, there is no choice. Everyone must contribute and participate in the plan, even though you remain at the back of the line, or spend five hours at the walk in clinic, or miscarriage in the waiting room waiting for a bed. It's "FREE", so don't expect perfection. A chair is better than nothing.

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Daniel said...

The fact of Michael Moore's existence proves that there's something terribly diseased about humanity. Maybe I should go back to sleep and wake up in another thousand years.

So if Mr. Moore comes to London, would that be an appropriate opportunity for a London Fog community-based "action"? I dunno what, maybe something along the lines of an "OHIP surgery wait list-in"?

Benny Terry said...

As a healthcare professional currently working in the USA, I must take objection with the general tone here! My wife and I (healthy, non-smokers, 26 & 30 years of age) are currently being charged $1044/month for health coverage in New York. For this coverage, I pay $50 every time I have blood-work drawn or x-rays. I am one of the fortunate few to have adequate coverage. I have overheard patients being told that they can not have life-saving procedures (stent placement for cardiac arteries) because they are under/uninsured. Sorry folks, but you don't realize what you've got until you are over here. The delays are due in part to the lack of staff - however, expect that to change with health-care wages rising to competitive levels.

Mike said...

$1044/month? I guess you have the option of cancelling coverage, though.

I'd sure like to have that option. We get an offer you can't refuse, instead of a two-way trade of services in exchange for your $1044.

I pay nearly that much in health care taxes, monthly, and I don't even have a doctor.

I would rather spend that money hiring people to dig holes and fill them in again than have it go into the pyramid scheme disguised as a "health care system".

Second best, I'd prefer a slightly less scam-ridden system like the one you've set up in the states.

benny terry said...

Just verifying here - I am paying that on top of the nearly 40% income tax - plus the tax every time I cross a bridge, etc. What would be a great idea is if Ontario put all the money netted from it's "vice-tax", ie alcohol and tobacco tax, into health care. Every system has its flaws, I am just saying that in our emerg, we have three day waits because there are no beds, and a global nursing shortage, not enough medical staff to write orders and admit patients.

Anonymous said...

New York? There's your problem.

Anonymous said...

When I saw Maude Barlow speak about the erosion of health care coverage in Ontario she recalled a trip to the states where her and her husband witnessed a young boy get hit by a car and when the paramedics arrived they refused to take him to the hospital unless the parents were found and brought to the scene to verify they had insurance.

But your right, fuck everyone else, I'm not sick yet and I want to pay less taxes! *rolls eyes*


Mike said...

Your problem, Anon, is that you think that this is a health care system instead of a coercive pyramid scheme advertising itself as a health care system to people who don't know that they don't know anything about economics.

I prefer the term "kulak" over "troglodyte", myself.

Anonymous said...

While I agree the health care system as it stands today is corrupt and wasteful to an almost hopeless degree, privitization is not the answer. Even if it did go completely private our taxes would still be subsidizing it, you can count on that.

If you want an example of another wasteful level of bureauracy being added to bog down our already inefficient health care system, this hare-brained scheme of London-Fanshawe MPP Khalil Ramal's really takes the cake: