Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Redistributive Blowback Syndrome

He was supposed to universalize medicine, not just come in and take over privately run projects that the likes of Joe Anthony have put years into building!

A Barack Obama fan's eponymously named MySpace page, crafted, built up, and befriended for more than two years in hopes of bringing Obama to power, has now been taken over by the official Obama campaign, presumably so that the message of iron compassion stays under their control.

Coming from an activist for Barack Obama, whose platitudes and record are far to the confiscatory left, the ironies are rich in the MySpacer's hurt account of the events.

The campaign got involved in February and although at first it was very exciting, it quickly became clear that they just had no interest in me or my involvement. They only wanted to take control of the profile and get on with it. I bit the bullet for a while and kept working for the good of the campaign, but they quickly went from passive aggressive, to aggressive, and then eventually just rotten and dishonest.

For the past few weeks, the campaign decided it would be better if they just took control of the profile and we decided to try to come to some agreement. By this time, I didn't have quite as much respect for the campaign guys, and frankly felt like I was just being used. They knew about this profile the entire time, and really just waited until it got enough media coverage and friends request so they could step in and bully me out of it.

The last few weeks were just insane. They kept scheduling phone conferences with me, I would wake up early that day after barely sleeping the night before, I'd take time off work, etc. and each after another would be postponed at the last minute. This went on for weeks...
Poor Joe. Still, there are probably even more painful ways of becoming disillusioned with slick, articulate unifying champions of the peasantry who promise a bright tomorrow of free stuff. Maybe now he has more of a sense of what this:
And so the American people are hungry for a different kind of politics -- the kind of politics based on the ideals this country was founded upon. The idea that we are all connected as one people. That we all have a stake in one another.

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