Sunday, May 13, 2007

Purge the neo-materialist deviationist tendency!

The National Post tells us that at the interfaith gathering known as "Marxism 2007", it happened that

at one point, a self-proclaimed Trotskyite in his 20s stood and for about three minutes declared his "absolute hostility" to all religions. The crowd shouted him down.

Several speakers later, Benoit, a 40- year-old from Gatineau who delivered his intervention sitting down, said that when he last read the Communist Manifesto, it did not say, "Atheist Communist workers of the world unite."

Minutes later, the Trotskyite slinked out.
They just don't make Marxists like they used to.


Little Big Man said...

It's been a long day, yet this article brought me my first smile. Thanks Mike. Few will ever know how funny you are, but those who do will be grateful indeed.

eng said...

"Atheist Communist workers of the world unite."
That sounds like my favourite Marx, Groucho.