Saturday, May 26, 2007

On the subject of handgun bans

Seems it's not just gun collectors who are to blame:

London police are investigating the theft of an OPP officer's gun from an unmarked, locked OPP vehicle at a city hotel this week, police said.

The .40-calibre gun was nicked from the vehicle Tuesday afternoon as it sat in the Four Points Sheraton parking lot on Wellington Road south, police said.

[..] The theft was one of two incidents in Southwestern Ontario this week in which a police officer's gun was stolen.

On Thursday, a duffel bag containing a police gun, duty belt, baton and handcuffs was apparently stolen from outside a Kitchener high school.


Jake said...

Well, I guess police aren't responsible enough to handle firearms safely either. Those stolen guns are probably in the hands of some Jane & Finch, ethnic minority gang member right now.

Therefore, we have to ban all law enforcement officers and civilians from possessing and using firearms. All police will be equipped with a butter knife to use as defense.

Criminals will be the only ones allowed to use firearms in Canada. I say this because criminals will be subsequently released by a bleeding heart JP like Jack Carroll who thinks that "he has had a tough upbringing in our cruel society and that jail would be too mean."

Wow, if that ain't a perfect vision of Canada by David Miller and Dalton McGuinty, then what is?

fenris badwulf said...

jake's idea to take guns (how I shudder at the word, like an activist hearing a non N-person use the N-word) away from the fascist police and the bloodthirsty military is a good on. When all guns are illegal, there will be no gun crime!

Danielle said...

The whole premise behind a "police state" is the police having a monopoly on the use of force. The theft of these guns is a symptom a of a greater problem that stems from living in a state society, and the only way to combat this is really to take away that monopoly on the use of force. I agree we should take the guns away from the police and the military.

ACSial said...

David Miller's supporter--and donor--Wendy Cukier (Coalition For Gun Control) is currently under investigation by the RCMP, for matters relating to grant money from the Federal Government, during the Liberal reign.

David Miller's deflection of blame for gun crime from the Jamaican criminal element (Jane & Finch), onto people like elderly, Canadian gun owners may not be entirely a question of political correctness. Miller's campaign financing and possible links (financial, voting considerations) to organized crime, specifically in the Jamaican-Canadian community, should be investigated.

Torontonians, Ontarians and Canadians in general should not delude themselves about the 'root causes' of gun and gang crime. The huge influx of largely unscreened immigrants (CSIS estimates that only 10% of newcomers are given background checks) is the cause. This has nothing to do with labour shortages, or actuarial needs for keeping the pension system solvent; the large-scale warm body imports merely support the homebuilders' and developers' lobbies. (Jane & Finch was once a farm.) 'Green' activists should also protest what is the single, preventable cause of urban sprawl, and loss of greenland and farmland--mass immigration. In the UK, there are finally plans to impose hard caps on immigration and population, something we need here.

As for firearms, even if every legal gun source in Canada (and the U.S.) were shut down, guns would still get in, en mass, from Asia, via our crime-controlled ports. Firearms and ammunition can also be manufactured here, as is being done in Waziristan by illiterate, unskilled labour. This point is apparently lost on the effete urban elite...people like Stephan Dion, who brags about being unable to change a lightbulb.