Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Ocean Currents? WHo Would Have Thunk?

Another crank, this one with the dubious distinction of being the United States lead hurricane forecaster, says that computer modeling is a flawed way to view climate change...apparently, it's the ocean that is affecting the climate, not mankind:

THE United States' leading hurricane forecaster says global ocean currents, not human-produced carbon dioxide, are responsible for global warming.
William Gray, a Colorado State University researcher, also said the Earth may begin to cool on its own in five to 10 years.
Earlier this month, he dubbed former US vice-president and 2000 Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore "a gross alarmist" for making the Oscar-winning documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, which helped focus media attention on global warming.

Yesterday, Dr Gray said that politics and research into global warming had created "almost an industry" that had frightened the public and overwhelmed dissenting voices.
He said research arguing that humans were causing global warming was "mush" based on unreliable computer models that could not possibly take into account the hundreds of factors that influenced the weather.

He said little-understood ocean currents were behind a decades-long warming cycle, and disputed assertions that greenhouse gases could raise global temperatures as much as some scientists predicted

What does he know? All the real scientists are unanimous in the belief that research money will flow more readily from man-made climate change.

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Elaine said...

Why would they bother with real science when they have god on their side?

Elizabeth May's bizarre speech
National Post
Published: Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Ms. May's teary-eyed homily on global warming no doubt moved many in the audience. She told the United Church congregation that "Through the power of our Lord Jesus Christ, we can meet this moral obligation."

But other parts of her speech were entirely bizarre, conjuring up theories that call into question not only her credibility as the leader of the Greens, but also Mr. Dion's judgment.

In referring to Evangelical Christians, Ms. May stated that some "are waiting for the end [of ] time in glee ? and they unfortunately include President [George W.] Bush." Ms. May also described Stephen Harper's plan to deal with global warming as "worse than Neville Chamberlain's appeasement of the Nazis."

That's quite impressive: In one speech, Ms. May not only managed to insult Canada's Christians, but also the President of the United States and the memory of those who died at the hands of the Nazis. national post editorial

I am laughing now, not just because everyone will be talking very quietly around the left leaders, and not making any sudden moves, but because it is just so whacked out.

The United Church is not even considered a church since they made Jesus Christ become a card-carrying union member, whether he wanted to be or not.

It is not surprising the United Church would become the religious leader of the new glowtard cult. They have always been sauvy at manipulating religion to the newest fang-dangled fad. I don't think there are too many willing to pay union dues to the United Church to have their jobs cease to exist though.

eng said...

How come it's "insulting the memory of those who died at the hands of the Nazis" when you call Harper an appeaser, but it's ok to call anyone opposed to any of the wars going on an appeaser?

In the same post, talking of the Nazi results of anti-semitism, while bashing some other faith. "Then they came for me".

eng said...

Do you have a link to something more substantial from Gray's work? In the article it quotes him saying global warming is caused by little-understood ocean currents. If they are "little understood", how does he assert they are the cause? The article is probably taking his statements out of context.

Do you have a link to his work? I'd like to read it. You see, while I will take the word of thousands of scientists over the word of a few, there is always the possibility the few could be right. That doesn't give an excuse to do nothing, but it does mean we should continue to study and learn. Talk about "glowtards", on the other hand, are the words of a closed mind.

Anonymous said...

put your hand up if you think there are political types perfectly willing to lead the entire race down the garden path if it meant THEY could be the ones getting all the accolades and perks, regardless of the future cost and consequences?

its all about ego and 'being right'; very little to do with science and analysis of patterns and modelling and historical trends. its ALL about staking territory and defending it.

Lisa said...

Follow this link to read some papers written by Professor Gray

Elaine said...

eng, I am planning on getting in on this glowtard scam. I was thinking of either sitting up a church, I like the idea of sheeple worshipping me, or selling air-conditoned global warming underwear. I just don't know which one would be more appealling to the glowtards. If you could help me with some market research, seeing you have connections in the glowtard community, I could make it worth your while. Just name your price, you will be swimming in carbon credits. Think about it, and get back to me.