Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Obeying Chicken Little, while defying Mother Hen

Via Jay Jardine, sit in the dark in BC or else. Candles are not an acceptable substitute, because they might start a forest fire. Power off:

Similar to energy-saving awareness campaigns in Paris, Rome, Athens, Sydney and Bangkok, B.C. will pull the plug on all unnecessary energy use today in the province's first annual Turn It Off Day.

Sponsored by B.C. Hydro and part of the 30 Days of Sustainability program running until May 21, Turn It Off is meant to inspire conservation and awaken energy consumers to the crisis brewing in our own backyard.

For the last six years, B.C. has been using more electricity than it generates - and consumption is estimated to grow another 25 to 40 per cent over the next 20 years if energy use continues as is, Gillian Robinson, a spokeswoman for B.C. Hydro, said yesterday.

"That's a huge amount of growth, and that means we'll just have to buy more and more electricity on the market," a consequence that will be directly reflected on your hydro bill, she said.