Friday, May 18, 2007

New improved legislation! Now with media spot removal!

Endangered species protected in Ontario with tough new law
Thu, May 17, 2007

TORONTO -- Future generations of Ontario wildlife lovers will know iconic creatures like the monarch butterfly and woodland caribou thanks to new endangered species legislation hailed as the toughest of its kind in North America, environmentalists said yesterday.

The Canadian Press homage to Ontario's updated Endangered Species Act as reprinted in the London Free Press today commences on the upswing of environmental lobbyist and government press release material and continues to swing even higher with it for eleven more paragraphs before closing with four desultory paragraphs serving to relate a few meagre protestations as the work of a small isolated band of timid obstructionists. It's rather a neat regional illustration of the way popular conventions on issues like global warming are built on a larger media scale.

The inconsiderable and unremarked passage of the article through the hands of editors and most newspaper readers also illustrates the easy cachet of environmentalism amongst the urban population, among whom most reporters, editors and media consumers count, who rarely see first-hand the effects of environmental degradation or hear of long-existing practices of environmental maintenance among rural dwellers. In the same vein, urban residents frequently do not face the direct costs of many of the regulations that ensue from pandering to this blinkered viewpoint. See Just Between Us Girls and Shawn McRae's website for the exhibits.