Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Man Can't Bust Our Music; In Fact He Helps Us Move Units

Proud To Be Canadian reports on our official state media's promotion of an American corporate product line marketed to children of all ages, an oldies band known as "The Rage Against The Machine". A recent marketing campaign for this brand has been very effective. The target market has been conditioned to respond with shouting noises, followed by positive spending decisions, when they encounter daring, subversive calls to do things like overthrow the evil Bush administration and murder the people who belong to it. In this fascist climate where dissidence is mercilessly crushed, we need a state media to help the corporations sell these ideas and products to such people. (HT KShaidle)

Stroumboulopoulos fawned over(guitarist) guest Tom Morello. Morello denied the band called for Bush and his entire administration to be shot dead, saying that that was merely a fraud perpetrated by Fox News. Wild cheers from leftist audience of apparent doh-doh brains. See video (at the link). Amuse one’s self at his lie. Another show the CBC will nonetheless be proud of. And you at the CBC all make me so damn proud too… to have firmly established myself as an opponent of state-owned media. And to be on the right side.
Shut It Down.


Elaine said...

I don't even know how Snuffufulgus got the job, he is so freaking boring. That said, the cbc promoting a band that is calling for the death of a USA president is a bit too obvious, even for them. That is some real creepy stuff going on in Canada. The Universities calling up anti-semites to speak to impressible youth, and now the cbc endorsing a band encouraging kids to be kill the president of the USA. What can it all mean when they wave the red commie star?

Elaine said...

Talking about raging against the machine....

Trudeau suggested to the students the capitalist "machine" that sustains modern existence may also become modern civilization's downfall.-Justin commie Trudeau

In terms of social justice, our treatment of our aboriginal communities are an absolute disgrace."-Justin commie Trudeau

..when I read this last bit, those words "our aboriginal communities" it struck me of how arrogant the left are. First of all they are not ours, they are not pets, they are people. Perhaps that is what the problem is, the left not looking at them as equals, but as children who can't fucking cope without government interference. Why did I do that? How was I so easily influenced?

Jake said...

God forbid if Justin Trudeau becomes Prime Minister. If he does, I'm applying to the US as a political refugee.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha! What a tool. Who gives these losers jobs as hosts on government media?


Arphl Benmergui