Thursday, May 3, 2007

Is there anything more offensive than offence?

The issue dominating Canada's Parliament is the naming of the Captain of Team Canada at the hockey world championships? The Bloc are offended. The NDP are offended. The Liberals are offended. The Tories are offended. Why?

The Bloc Québécois is demanding Shane Doan be removed as captain of Canada's
world championship hockey team, in light of the disparaging comments he
allegedly made about French Canadians in 2005.
Doan's French Canadian buddies think he's a good choice:
"In the heat of the battle things get said sometimes, a lot worse than
being called a French frog or whatever," said Alain Vigneault, coach of the
Vancouver Canucks.

"[Doan] says he didn't say it. Even if he did, come on. If our politicians,
French or English, if that's the only thing right now they have to worry

"There's a lot more important things going on right now in society,"
Vigneault said. "It is utterly, utterly stupid, not to say embarrassing."
New Jersey goaltender Martin Brodeur had a similar reaction.
"I know Shane really [well] and I don't see him saying that," he said. "All
these years in the league I never had a problem with it, so for me to hear that
other people had a problem, I have a hard time understanding it."
What were the offending words:
Doan said he was complaining to teammate Curtis Joseph about the
officiating, telling the goaltender, "'Four French referees in Montreal, Cuje,
figure it out.'

"I would have done the same thing if we were in Los Angeles and it was
four officials from California," Doan said Wednesday. "Or if we were in Calgary
and it was four westerners."
Oh Dear! Call a Royal Commission:
The Bloc introduced the motion, supported by the Liberals, Conservatives and
NDP, demanding that Hockey Canada explain itself to the parliamentary
The NHL cleared Doan of any wrongdoing and the official who made the decision has this to say:
Colin Campbell, the NHL's executive vice-president and director of
hockey operations, blasted the politicians for meddling, calling
the intrusion "ridiculous.

"I stand by my original comments after our investigation," Campbell
told the Canadian Press. "But I would add to it at this point in time, it's
rather embarrassing to all Canadian hockey fans we're rehashing this again,
particularly when Hockey Canada and Shane Doan are representing and working hard
in Moscow right now, competing for our country. It's ridiculous."

Ridiculous? To call this parliamentary behaviour ridiculous would be an insult to the ridiculous. It reminds me of the uproar over Triumph: The Insult Comic Dog insulting people.

I am offended by Parliament's offence.

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mariposa said...

Wow, I'm so glad that all important issues like the problems with our health care system have been solved!

Mike said...

Look at these rétards from the Bloc Quebecois! (HT SDA).

I encourage everyone to discriminate against these individuals.

Bruce said...

Fucking Frogs.

If Doan doesn't have the stones to call those surrender monkeys that, I'll do it fo him.