Saturday, May 12, 2007

Insurgents target SUV in London

The police task force aimed at getting illegal guns off the streets is probing the shooting up of an SUV in London's busy downtown area Thursday night...

Someone near Hyman Street and Central Avenue called police about 10:30 p.m. Thursday to report what they said sounded like gunshots. Police searched the area and found the shot-up black 2001 GMC Jimmy.
When will people come to understand that biased, one-sided reporting such as this and this only creates more insurgents? No effort was made to gather any perspectives in either story apart from the police interpretation of the supposed shooting. If we're not willing to listen to the demands and grievances of people who feel strongly enough about their issues to be capable of menacing someone with a pellet gun or repeatedly shooting a stolen SUV, then why are we surprised when the militants among them strike back?

The brutal police-state tactics of Operation Disarm are only radicalizing the youths of the insurgent community, driving them to commit these acts of desperation and revenge. That this is happening in relatively nice parts of town is a testament to a widespread tacit support for the insurgency's goals among ordinary Londoners.

We need to withdraw. We need to withdraw now.


Anonymous said...

Is this for real? So policing is responsible for violence? And all we need to do is to have a sit-down with disaffected members of society, while pulling back on the policing front, and this will somehow solve the problem?

This is unbelievable. And the terrible misappropriation of the word "insurgent" is absurd.

Anonymous said...

Yo, yo! We gotta fite the power! If the man won't git down wid us and share the power, we gotta kick some ass in orda to git sum respect, yo? The more the man hazzles us the more we gonna shoot this shithole up, yo?

Weez the insurgency, dig! We police our own. We don't need no assholz telling us shit and bustin' up our posse, dig?