Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I would have gotten away with it, if it wasn't for you meddling Popes!

But who's meddling? Christina Blizzard:

"I have a different constituency than does the Pope," McGuinty said when asked in a scrum about the Pope's statement last week.

"I am responsible for representing all kinds of people from all kinds of different backgrounds, different faiths, different cultures, different traditions," he said.

Absolutely. And in a multi-faith, multicultural province such as this, the very notion that a politician should have to check with the Vatican before making a pronouncement is scary.
Absolutely wrong, Christina. As Paul Tuns points out, a politician only has to check in "to call himself a Catholic or present himself for communion at Mass." Aside from that, he's free to make any pronouncement or impose any policy in keeping with what passes these days for "multi-faith, multicultural" preferences. If that is what they keep as their calling, it is a choice that politicians make for themselves, not one that the Vatican makes for them. It is far from being a policy that the Vatican can impose on society as a whole — that is a perquisite entirely reserved for the politicians.
McGuinty took a brave stand on this. No matter what you think about abortion, we should all stand behind him.
This may be the first instance of McGuinty being called brave in the public record, but it is entirely wasted. Politicians like McGuinty are only trying to create a public sentiment for absolving them of having it both ways.

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basil said...

Blizzard's notion that being raised in a large Catholic family (raised before legalized abortion in Ontario) or being married to someone who works for a Catholic school board some how makes one devout is absolutely ridiculous. McGimpy is pandering to voters and/or couldn't give a fuck about the Catholic church except that most politicians seem to gain politically from affiliating themselves with one church or other.