Thursday, May 3, 2007

I want a new drug


...[T]here was and is a deeply ingrained desire for transcendance which the post-Christian Western world wants to keep in the closet. And to indulge their desire for faith and meaning without going to church and lighting votive candles, they go to the commode and sand down their butts with recycled toilet paper. Self-flagellation in modern form. In place of God they now have Gaia. It's all second rate, and cheap, tawdry plastic eco-babble theology; a monstrosity composed of equal measures of new age mysticism and folk Marxism.

And that's why Europe in general and socialists in particular are so vulnerable to Islam. Islam is far more cohesive as a religion than this stupid nature worship. To become member of the ummah is so much cooler, so much more exciting and -- face it -- so much more intellectually sophisticated that to become a member of the local organic food co-op.

You see all these guys running around buying pieces of paper giving them carbon credits, knowing it doesn't make a lick of difference to anyone, especially the people in the Third World and you know. You just know these are sheep ripe for the leading. Open a mosque and watch them flood in the door.


Elaine said...

I never thought it would be possible, but after seeing Lizzie-May leader of the glowtards, calling out a fatwa on Harper from the pulpit last Sunday, I think you are on to something.

eng said...

Wow, it gets better each day. First Lizzie is calling Harper a Nazi. Well, actually she didn't.

Now she's calling fatwas?

Well, actually she didn't.

You're right though, your way of life has a very limited shelf life. We won't become Muslims, but we will become a sustainable society whether you like it or not.

You can maintain the facade of your wasteful lifestyle, if you can afford it as it gets increasingly expensive, but most will be forced by the economics to change.

Glowtards, eh? Didn't the horseless carriage haters (people like yourself that lived a century ago) make up all kinds of dire predictions? Like saying that moving faster than 20 miles an hour would kill people, and that the horseless carriage would destroy the entire horse based infrastructure.

And besides, Sam McLaughlin, the Dodge brothers, Daimler and Benz, Buick and Chrysler, all those high priests of the "cartard" movement were such hypocrites. I mean, really, Walter Chrysler, you want us to buy your stupid horseless carriage. But you're a hypocrite. You came to tell us about the horseless carriage, how? You came riding a horse!! You hypocrite!

Yes, your kindred spirit predecessors hated the cartards. Then they found that cars are a different way of doing things. They found that while stable hands, saddle makers, stall builders lost their jobs, the carriage makers just adapted to making the horseless carriage, and hired all those people anyway.

So it will be with the sustainable economy.

Mike said...

It is written: "There is no compulsion in matters of sustainability."

Anonymous said...

a "sustainable society" is the latest euphemism for a centrally-planned economy. the academic, environmental and legal idiots who have totally failed to grasp the import of the fall of communism are merely engaging in a new round of fantasy, offering the same old crap repackaged with a new name.