Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Greenpeace kills trees to save the planet

Czech President Vaclav Klaus remains one of the few world leaders bold enough to reject Chicken Little's activists.

"Let's bring the debate to whether the 0.6 (degree Celsius warming over the last century) is much or little, how much Man has contributed to the warming and ... if there is anything at all Man can do about it," Klaus said when presenting his book "Blue, Not a Green Planet."

He charged that groups other than scientists have now seized on the topic and ambitious environmentalists are fueling a global warming hysteria that has no solid ground in fact and allows manipulation of people.

"It is about a key topic of our time, and that is the topic of human freedom and its curtailment," Klaus said.

"The approach of environmentalists toward nature is similar to the Marxist approach to economic rules, because they also try to replace free spontaneity of the evolution of the world (and of mankind) with ... global planning of the world's development," Klaus writes in his book.

"That approach ... is a utopia leading to completely other than wanted results," he says.
Meanwhile, the hippies contradict their religion by cutting down trees to build an ark:
Environmental activists are building a replica of Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat—where the biblical vessel is said to have landed after the great flood—in an appeal for action on global warming, Greenpeace said Wednesday.

Turkish and German volunteer carpenters are making the wooden ship on the mountain in eastern Turkey, bordering Iran. The ark will be revealed in a ceremony on May 31, a day after Greenpeace activists climb the mountain and call on world leaders to take action to tackle climate change, Greenpeace said.

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Reg said...

What's with the ark thing? I'm sure I read a few weeks back that some Dutch guy built a 1\3 scale Ark in his backyard. Bizzare.

Elaine said...

Reg you know how everything is fucked up in glowtard world. They are preparing for the end of the world. Just something that happens every new century, people fall into a mass hysteria and get others to believe, to control them. They usually form some sort of a religious cult by recycling the bible. Start growing beards, the females too, and wearing bedsheets to get that Moses look down.

Of course none of them are bright enough to build their boats near water, usually on top of a mountain or in the middle of a desert. They stand outside their arks and do dances to the rain gods to bring the floods.

Reg said...

I guess my point would be why build and ark? Why not just by a 30 foot cruiser and be done with it? Failing that, my grandpa's 14 footer is for sale.

Lisa said...


These people aren't rational - that's why they are building an ark.

Elaine said...

Not rational is a very kind term. Actually their fucking nuts, selfish and dangerous. They believe only a chosen few should inherit the earth, that would be them. They believe they are building these arks for the worthy. They are going to have their own little world, with their own rules. When the end of the world doesn't happen they will work hard to try and make it happen, with acts of terrorism. Examples would be David Koresh, and Jim Jones...and that guy with the Nike sneakers...can't think of his name.