Sunday, May 6, 2007

A good reason not to buy The Vancouver Sun

Via Jay Jardine, David Suzuki was the guest editor of Saturday's tree murdering Vancouver Sun.

Coincidently, today was the very first day in my 33 years on this planet that I tasted sushi, so I tracked down the article about sushi destroying the planet. Apparently, vegetarians such as myself are no more absolved of their sins than my beloved carnivorous companions. Eat within your 100 mile radius or join the ration line and pay for your entitlement with government issued carbon credits. The planet depends on your compliance.

Sushi deconstructed:

Sushi is somehow a quintessentially West Coast meal. Light, nutritious and packed with healthy oils and clean carbs, sashimi, nigiri and maki would seem to be a guilt-free way to eat. But just how lightly does a plate of sushi tread on our planet's precious resources?


Reg said...

If it will ease your conscience, I know a guy down the road that will slaughter a grain-fed free range chicken for us. I'll even roast it for you. It'll be finger lickin' good, promise.

(you can cook the veggies)


Lisa said...


I'd eat the eggs, but you can have the bird all to yourself, though I will share some veggies with you.

Triple smack!