Thursday, May 10, 2007

Exposed: The Climate of Fear

Glenn Beck on CNN, May 2 (42 minutes runtime):

Update: London to be inundated by global warming!


Elaine said...

I read that too, and I laughed. Their beating this glowtard thing to death. Nothing like the politics of fear to sell papers. That. and the West Nile bugs going to come kill us all this summer. What is sad about it is, that there will be people out there that actually believe it.

basil said...

Isn't it development (construction/consumption) by human beings which is supposed to be destroying the immediate environment and causing global warming in the first place?

We must bring back the golden age of enviro-innocence!

Stop building, stop breeding, and perhaps we can kill off the human race for good and save the planet for dinosaurs resurrected from savaged DNA.

mariposa said...

I was pleasantly surprised when the Freeps printed a letter from someone who hasn't jumped on the doomsday bandwagon. It sure beats the usual fanatics ranting about how people are solely responsible for climate change. See below:

Climate theory not fact

Regarding the letter, Time to get serious over climate concerns (May 9).

Anthropogenic climate change is not a proven scientific theory, since computer simulation is not an accurate measurement of reality. NASA reports indicate that Mars is experiencing a similar warming trend to Earth. Since human activity cannot account for the warming on Mars, could it be that solar activity is actually the main cause of warming on both Earth and Mars?

As for the statement that a "vast majority of scientists agree" humans are the main cause of the Earth's warming, what does that prove?

A poll of scientists from the year 1400 would have shown almost all were certain that the Earth -- not the sun -- was at the centre of our solar system. Obviously, an opinion poll of scientists has nothing to do with science. A politically popular opinion doesn't make it a scientific fact. The unscientific "theory" that humans are the main cause of global warming is nothing more than a belief or opinion. In a relatively short period, I've watched people hop from ice age prophecies to Y2K disaster predictions and now to anthropogenic climate change as the most fashionable doomsday divination. What's next?

Sheila J. Tofflemire


If we really could control the climate, everyday would be sunny and it would only rain at night while we're sleeping.

Elaine said...

Shelia, she is a good gal. Nothing stupid about her. Mariposa, you would love her. No bigger than a pint of piss, but full of fire.

Any word on when the dam is breaking, and the flooding of London is to began? Two stories about it in the freeps in two weeks. One more should have the glowtards crying and in a panic. That will be my cue, to go door to door selling life jackets to the dummies.

Anyone know where that doomsdayer of a scientist lives, who was raising the alarm of the great flood coming? Wouldn't be on property close to that property sifton wants to develop on the so called flood plain would it? Anyone know who he is sleeping with?

MapMaster said...

I've no idea where Slobodan Simonovic lives, but the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction he directs is located on level ground only about 200 metres north of the Thames River on Richmond St south of Windermere. Gordon McBean, a noted global warming fearmonger frequently interviewed in national media, works out of there too. Lots of climate change dollars going there, methinks. To the best of my knowledge, they don't even study climate itself, just policy — i.e., cash.