Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Eco-friendly dying

With visions of the grim reapers dancing in their heads, CBC reminds us that our carbon spewing footprint does not end with death:

You know you won't last forever, that someday, you will check out for good as a consumer of the planet's resources. You want that checkout process to be as environmentally friendly as possible.
Here's a quick checklist to minimize your impact on the environment after you die:
* Choose not to be embalmed.
* Donate your organs to continue life.
* If you're being buried, request that your casket not be placed into a concrete vault.
* For a casket, choose a simple box made from local sustainable wood or cardboard.
* For cremation, ask that your teeth be removed to avoid the release into the atmosphere of mercury from fillings.
* Offset the emissions it takes to cremate you with carbon credits.
* In lieu of flowers, ask that donations be made to a land conservation organization
If you don't happen to have enough money to purchase carbon credits, request that your remains be transported to your final resting place on the bus. Better yet, do as Jay Jardine suggests:
But why wait for "nature" to bring an end to your gluttonous, carbon belching existence? Plan an appropriately sustainable upper limit for your life (say, Medieval Britain or present day Swaziland). When your ecoTime is up, march on into the woods and feed yourselves to the bears.
CP: The Broom

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mark said...

to reduce environmental damage shouldn't you not donate organs? More dead humans means they aren't driving or consuming anymore. Because that's all that matters how to kill off the human race so we can give this planet to the deer.