Monday, May 14, 2007

Acceptance is just something we'll have to accept

Coun. Harold Usher wants the City to hire more visible minorities, ostensibly to make apparent an otherwise imperceptible three percentage point gap in the proportion of visible minorities represented in the City's workforce and the overall population (11 vs. 8 per cent) Good thing we measure these things.

Go for it! All things being equal in the equality economy, skin colour is about an equally valid basis as any other fashionable governance theory used in decision-making at City Hall. Extended to high level bureaucratic management, this policy could also have the effect of replacing the Old Boys Networks that cause so much cynicism with Old Multicultural Networks instead. Half the protocol is already in place, having abolished any requirements for ability or leadership.

Usher and Coun. David Winninger, an MPP in Bob Rae's NDP government when it brought in employment-equity laws, prefer to avoid an explicit policy of job rationing to fill quotas, opting instead for an explicit policy of job rationing to fill something not called quotas:

"When you're choosing between equally competent candidates, you would choose the candidate who meets the (designated) priority," [Winninger] said.

"I think it's fair as long as you don't forget about merit."
Except at election time, of course.


Anonymous said...

Your conservative federal government is currently in the process of screwing over private companies which sell goods and services to the federal government, by forcing them to submit to the same racial and gender based job quotas as the government itself.

In one case with which I am familiar, the survey undertaken by the company when turned over to the government resulted in a verdict from on high: you have a small deficit in the number of ethnics employed and a huge deficit in the number of penile-challenged employees. It's a completely nutty result because the company is probably 80% viz mins, so obviously there was an extremely large number who declined to participate or who for their own reasons didn't identify themselves as such (probably because their gut was telling them that in the long run there is nothing good that's going to come out a government concerning itself with private individuals' racial and ethnic background). And females who work in this particular field, or who even want to work in the field are practically non-existent.

Meanwhile in the federal government itself, here is what the departments do when they're measured and surveyed for the purposes of politically correct job quotas: they lie and make up designations for people that have no basis in reality: she's an ethnic, he's got a disability, and so on.

The essence of what you're seeing is a steady erosion of the ordinary virtues of honesty, hard work, competence, thrift, etc. and their replacement with the shifty and slimy values of mendacity, cronyism and larceny. And the engine of this deterioration is plain, old party politics.

Elaine said...

How dare they use the word Visible Miniorty! Did they not get the order from the UN, our great leaders of the world, that the words visible miniority are no longer allowed to be used? I am putting in a discrimination charge against Usher for uttering such a hateful label.

mariposa said...

Mapmaster - I loved your statement about quotas. I was thinking the same thing. They can dress it up and call it whatever they want - it's still about quotas.

I'm a female and I think the only people these days who face job discrimination in this country are white able-bodied males.

Van Meerburgen is the only one on council who sees quotas as bad and now they're labelling him a racist. He probably saw that coming, but I give him credit for not going along with their idiocy and speaking up for what's right.

Elaine said...

Does anyone know if Joyce Burpee and the male human rights watchdog, who was hired to guard chef from her, are still employeed at City Hall. I wonder if this is just a make-work project for them two. They would have to be doing something to justify their jobs, and I bet that jumping out of broom closets, and peeking over toilet stalls at city hall would get to be so redundant.

rhebner said...

A favourite story of mine concerns an oriental friend who interviewed with a federal gov't department. When asked about her background she began to relate her education and work experience. "No, no", interrupted the interviewer, "Where were you born?"

Anonymous said...

Everone involved with this story, including the politicians and Fog posters, are missing the point and the real culprit here.

If the rampant NEPOTISM was ended in hiring practices, there'd be plenty of jobs available for qualified candidates at the City of London and all levels of government.

It's NEPOTISM that is the root cause of the BS. Simply examine the last names in the City staff directory.