Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Winnipeg Sun Editor Contemplates 9/11 Inside Job

Have you heard of the theory that the World Trade Center was brought down by controlled demolition? We just never hear about this stuff. Like "Ulysses", "Naked Lunch", and "Howl" before it, you risk a lot of hassle from the man by making "9/11 Truth" your stock in trade. It takes bravery to stand up and ask questions these days, with anti-war dissent and people who say mean things about Dick Cheney being silenced left and right. But the editors of the Winnipeg Sun, and the reprint factory that is the London Free Press, are not afraid.

With the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, it was seen that 9/11 was amazingly fortuitous to the Bush administration, elements of which had been looking for excuses to invade both countries -- for purely strategic-commercial reasons -- in the months and years prior to the attacks.

In 9/11 and American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out (Olive Branch Press, 2007), former Brigham Young University physics professor Steven Jones argues forcefully that the nature of the collapses, the presence of large pools of molten metal in the basements of all three buildings, witness accounts of hearing explosions -- that these and other factors point to the conclusion all three buildings were brought down by controlled demolition.
This is the newspaper. What is going on?

I heard a Penn Gillette Radio podcast that seems to have disappeared from archives (how convenient!). I 100% paraphrase, but Trey Parker and Matt Stone pointed out that believers in a 9/11 inside job conspiracy have, essentially, seen too many movies and watched too much television, and have come to expect reality to follow dramatic arcs.

If you didn't figure out halfway through the movie that the villain turns out not to be whatever you thought it was at first, then you must have fallen asleep in your seat.

The drama and the tragedy of it all.

I was going to put in a clip but Youtube is overloaded right now and I can't get on. I think I know why it's like that at just this moment. Millions of people are getting a reminder that evil just isn't a function of greed, that protective services make mistakes when faced with uncertainty in extremely unusual circumstances, and that there really are mass murderers as yet uncontrolled by George W Bush.

See the astounding Gagdad Bob.


Sonny Drysdale said...

How can you dare to question the research Mr. Gleeson has done on this subject?

Did you not read the entire article?

He quotes experts on the planned-demolition of buildings. Such as John McMurty, "a philosophy professor emeritus at the University of Guelph" and David Ray Griffin, "a former theology professor from California."

If you think you know more about physics and combustible materials than these two authorities on the subject, well then please share.

Because as everyone knows, when London Ont. blew up the old CN Tower on York Street a few years ago, they first consulted with the philosophy department at Guelph. And of course, Las Vegas never brings down a 40-year-old casino without bringing in the theology professors for consultation.

In the future, before you presume to know more than the editorial experts at Sun Media newspapers, perhaps you should do some research of your own on the subject. Like maybe with the Wortley Village barber or the guy who fixes shoes in the Galleria.

mariposa said...

Very good, Sonny! I always consult with theology professors when I do my taxes - mostly to pray to God that I'm doing it right!

Ok, I enjoy fantasy sometimes too - Lord of the Rings and such. But, these consipiracy theorists seem to have forgotten about the planes flown by Islamic terrorists. I watched on TV as the planes hit (or the 2nd one - I was listening to the radio when the 1st one hit). So in Fantasyland are we supposed to believe the terrorist pilots were trained by the U.S. government???

Hard to believe an editor of a paper wrote that nonsense - but what do you expect from Quebecor/Sun Media Corp. What surprises me is that Licia Corbella is editor of the Calgary Sun. She's the polar opposite of Winnipeg's bozo.

Jay said...

I submit that there is a distinct overlap between those who believe an all-powerful, omnicompetent government planned and executed 9-11 and those believe an all-powerful, omnicompetent government can plan and execute worldwide climate correction.

Ken said...

The Penn Radio podcast is gone because the show isn't on anymore so they probably weren't being hosted. All archieves are on though.

Anonymous said...

Why would the gang behind GWB have to plan and execute 9-11? All they had to do was poke a stick into the hornet's nest called the middle east, and then sit back and wait for an excuse to be handed to them for "emergency" powers. Making sure to stifle and obscure the many warnings that came their way.

Wasn't it a bit of a giveaway, when last year the silly bitch running the Dept. of State in Washington actually claimed that she "couldn't remember" being called into a meeting with the head of intelligence and being given a warning about coming attacks? Like she doesn't have a staff, or a computer, or email, or an appointment book? (or a brain)

The existence of 9-11 k00ks fantasizing about UFOs, faked videos and controlled demolition is not a valid excuse for closing your eyes, plugging your ears and switching off your brain.