Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The vampire that keeps on sucking

Were need sufficient to make body-part harvesting righteous in the absence of consent, there would be no moral reason not to snatch kidneys from healthy individuals by force.

Paul McKeever, Leader of the Freedom Party of Ontario
Responding to a shortage of organ donations, back in February of this year two Ontario MPPs put forth private members bills that would force you to take action to prevent the government from seizing your remains. Conservative MPP Frank Klees wants the province to deny people a health card and a driver's license should they refuse to disclose their intentions to the government.
Conservative Frank Klees' bill - which will be discussed at a legislative committee Thursday - would require everyone renewing or applying for a driver's licence or health card in Ontario to declare their willingness to donate their organs, decline to donate them or say they haven't made up their mind yet.

If someone doesn't complete the organ donor questionnaire, Klees said the application would be rejected as incomplete.

"We're simply asking people to complete the full application," Klees said, adding anyone can say they are undecided. "It should be a no-brainer for people to simply say this is part of the application. This is not a major issue for someone unless they want to make it that."
Klees says the law would create jobs for bureaucrats promote awareness. So why not just print off a bunch of posters and pamphlets and distribute them to the local library? Because in Ontario, it's acceptable to withhold government monopolized services to force consent.

NDP MPP Peter Kormos' bill would assume consent was given to the state to harvest your organs unless you opt out of the plan.
Kormos, who has a bill before the legislature that would make everyone an automatic organ donor unless they opt out, said Klees' bill won't increase donations because it gives people an easy way out.

"It's just a modest variation of the current system and it's the current system that's failing people on that waiting list," he said. "What we need is a radical change in the culture around organ donation."

The state should not assume that a person consents to give his parts to the government after death anymore than it should not assume that a person consents to giving his bank account to the government after death.

Ayn Steyn, in comments, here.
Update: Janet posting on Bureaucrash:
And you thought socialized medicine was our biggest problem.

Well, it is our biggest problem - this is just a more upsetting manifestation of it. Something your average socialist always forgets is that once it's being paid for by the state, the state can (and will, if you don't obey) take it away.


Honeypot said...

I think organ donation is a good thing, but to have it forced upon us is absurd. Where they are working towards that only the rich will be able to afford to drive, I can't see them going for it. It reminds me of the China organ retrival program, where if you are sentenced to jail, they get to execute you and sell your innards to the highest bidder.

Talking about innards, it is some comical watching the left eat each others.

You got to love that Lizzie-May, she is quick, and funny.

"There’s something wrong with Jack Layton if he’d rather open up discussions with the Taliban than the Green party," Ms. May said.

Ms. May said Wednesday that it reminds her of what the NDP was saying before the London North Centre byelection.

"One can remember the first words from the NDP candidate were that the Green party would not be a factor in this byelection," she said. "She came in fourth. I came in second. Case closed." The

eng said...

In China they now have mobile execution vehicles. They don't drive to where the condemned lives so their family can be present, they drive to where the organ receipients are to save transport time.

Anonymous said...

Conservative MPP Frank Klees wants the province to deny people a health card and a driver's license should they refuse to disclose their intentions to the government.

Your organs comrade! Or we will imprisoning you in own home!