Friday, April 27, 2007


Ontario ripe for ecological disasters
Thu, April 26, 2007

Fortunately, the imminent suggestion of imminent peril is only due to a shortage of bureaucrats … nothing a extra whack of taxes can't fix. If the civil service environment is not protected, degree graduates trained to produce speculative studies on imminent perils face habitat loss and gradual extinction.

This quote from the article must be a transcription error:
"I don't argue that investments in our environment and natural resources is the right thing to do," [minister of natural resources David Ramsay] said. "We've been starting to do that."
Otherwise, it's a rare and honest admission of political procedure — to make policy exactly contrary to beliefs.

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Elaine said...

They won't be happy until they have 500 foot soldiers tramping around the rivers picking up tim horton cups for $30.00 an hour.