Monday, April 9, 2007

"Ontario workers are angry at the loss of manufacturing jobs"

…and anger and $2.50 will buy you a bus ride to the unemployment office.

Labour observers, observes the London Free Press are observing something: "unionized workers in Ontario are growing more militant, as they fight the mounting erosion of manufacturing jobs."

"Increasing militancy is the only thing corporations understand," said Patti Dalton, [London and District Labour] council's vice-president.
Yeah, the corporations will be rolling over themselves trying to create more jobs for people militantly opposed to them… hey, it's worked great for Michigan. In all fairness, though, it's mostly the thugs like Dalton in charge of the unions who are promoting more militancy — it's not their money or jobs at stake. Wake me up when unions start creating jobs for anyone except for union leaders.

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Jake said...

I see that London's chief Bolshevik labour leader condones union militancy. I guess this is the first step towards a full blown worker revolution.

I told you Tim Carrie and his socialist colleagues have a hidden agenda. Remember my post a couple of months ago on the $10 minimum wage?

Jake said...

And as for Michigan,

The high structural unemployment today in Michigan is due sorely on labour movement activism.

Back in the 1970's and 80's, the UAW lobbied politicians to not to allow non-unionized auto companies into Michigan because they threatened their union base. In turn, companies like Toyota and Honda will never locate there because of the deep union indoctrination of the workforce.

Now as the US auto industry continues its market decline and the unions continue their demands for unsustainable "gold-plated" benefit programs, this will inevitably lead a collapse of Michigan's heavily dependent "Big Three" economy.

Because of this, Michigan is in a crisis situation since they will continue to lose formerly well-paying auto jobs with no new industries wanting to pick up the slack and locate there.

At least Ontario is very wise to diversify its auto industry with both American and Asian auto plants. Even when the "Big Three" collapse, Ontario will not face a total economic failure like in Michigan's case.