Sunday, April 29, 2007


Irene Mathyssen, MP for London Free Press, remarks:

"I find it offensive that money is motivating him. Money is not motivating me. I am concerned about the health of our community."
Given that Mathyssen's proprietary conception of "the health of our community" requires banning a part of his business, taking offence at his money is certainly a useful attitude to take. But not to leave anyone out, however, Mathyssen is also offended by everyone else's money as well.

It's a curious thing that in response to someone who uses money to make a point, the person who isn't motivated by money immediately thinks that money is the point.

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Jake said...

Not in it for the money? Oh really Irene. Then perhaps you should no longer draw your gold-plated MP salary since you seem so willing to work "for the people."

I'll vote Liberal in the next election if I know it will get rid of this self-serving, narcissistic socialist.